Why Settle For Ordinary…When You Can Craft EXTRAordinary?!

Why Settle For Ordinary…When You Can Craft EXTRAordinary?!

Why Settle For Ordinary…When You Can Craft EXTRAordinary?!  The recent turn of events has resulted in some unexpected side effects. People have discovered – or REdiscovered – their inner chefs, gardeners, teachers, musicians and artists! All it takes is one quick look around Pinterest to see this cornucopia of talents and labors.

From graduation gifts to upcoming Christmas presents, folks have unleashed their inner Martha Stewart – with some truly remarkable results! In fact, some have even turned their hobbies into additional income streams via Etsy.


Of course, décor – both indoors and outside – has been the primary focus of these projects. Whether creating new interior embellishments or seasonal decorations, or sprucing up their outdoor spaces, these “crafty” folks have not only found new creative outlets, but also learned that “personalized” is actually superior to something they could have picked-up…and a LOT less expensive, too!

C’mon, why would you settle for “off-the-rack” when you can actually have something bespoke?!? And the same applies to your upcoming events. Sure, you can “point-click-add-to-cart”… and end up with something just like everyone else had at THEIR event. OR – you can pull out your glue gun and paints, to design CUSTOM accessories for your party!


Naturally, as suppliers of premium sparklers, we want to focus on those little touches that can enhance the sparklers at your gathering.


We’ll start with something that even the “I’m not crafty” crowd can do. You can get all kinds of “cards” ready to load into your home printer – complete with templates – to make your own message notes for the “stems” of guest sparklers. It’s quick… it’s SUPER easy… it’s inexpensive… and, best of all, it’s PERSONALIZED specifically for you!

Now, if you were born to craft, here’s your chance to REALLY shine… or “sparkle,” if you will! If you decide to go with the “standard” galvanized bucket to hold your sparklers, absolutely NOTHING says you can’t “embellish” it with your own colors, names, theme accessories and message. And, you could go an entirely different route… tall baskets, crates, elongated vases, and our favorite, inexpensive terra cotta pots!

That plain orange pottery is the PERFECT “canvas” for your inspiration. With plain ol’ acrylic paints, or even sprays, you can turn that “lump of clay” into any color you can imagine. Then, let those glue guns, glitters, ribbons, and Sharpies turn them into an exact reflection of your event vision!


If you want to take this one step further, you can use the tiniest pots as actual place cards for your guests…filled with decorative sand or gravel, where guests can easily retrieve their sparklers (which have been patiently waiting in the pots) when that special moment arrives. And, those materials can ALSO be used to quickly, easily and safely extinguish the sparklers. Win-win – and a lovely memento for your guests to take home!

If you have any questions about which materials would be best, you can always call or drop us an email and our experts will be thrilled to walk you through it. Of course, we can also help you find the perfect complement(s) for your event color scheme, too!

Finally, for the TRULY ambitious, wooden letters and shapes are readily available at most craft and hobby stores. After you’ve completed your decorations (and properly sealed them!), all you need to do is drill a small hole in the top of each one, where sparklers can then be inserted, and you’ll have one-of-a-kind centerpieces. See, all it takes is just a little imagination and the willingness to “craft” something EXTRAordinarily spectacular for your next event!

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