Wholesale Sparklers and Party Favors

Enhance the excitement with sparklers

Wholesale Sparklers and Party Favors

Looking for Wholesale Sparklers and Party Favors?  BuySparklers.com offers the best QUALITY sparklers available in the USA and we want to help you save money! Here is how we can help:

1 – Are you ordering 1 time for a private event (under $400 in your basket)? Click Here to get a coupon from our Discount Coupon page!

2 – Are you an event professional? Click Here to get info about about Wedding and Event Professional discount program!

3 – Are you ordering more than $400 worth of items? Call Nicole to ask about a large quantity discount! 210-250-0520 or 888-990-8939

1 Sparklers and wholesale party favors are less expensive from www.BuySparklers.com if you purchase large wholesale quantities.

2 Buying for a big event? Then wholesale pricing makes great sense for you!

3 Buy sparklers wholesale and wholesale party favors now for an event, save the others for the 4th of July, an anniversary, birthday party, or New Year’s Eve.


Buy your sparklers wholesale and save both time and money. Place a large order and use the sparklers though the year during many events, large and small. If you do this, then buying wholesale is a good idea for you.

After you buy bulk wholesale sparklers, store them in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children. They must be kept away from water or water leakage. This is something to keep in mind when making your decision.

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