When Was The Last Time You Celebrated Something That DIDN’T Happen?

When Was The Last Time You Celebrated Something That DIDN’T Happen?

When Was The Last Time You Celebrated Something That DIDN’T Happen?  No matter how meticulously you plan, regardless of how well you anticipate every possible scenario, forget how you always make sure to be prepared for anything, sometimes “stuff” happens! But…what about those OTHER times???

Think about those occasions when something ALMOST happened. Whether you’re lifelong “planner” or a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of person, sometimes we come to the realization that we’re no longer in control of a particular situation or event.

When looking back, we think of those instances as “near misses” and count our lucky stars. We even have a universal phrase to describe those moments: “Dodging a bullet!” Say it, and everybody knows what you mean…and immediately recalls their own “almost” situation. Like that time you almost ran out of gas on your way to a time-sensitive appointment (and yes, you were already running late!)… or when you swerved just in the nick of time to avoid becoming part of a multi-car pile-up… or how about that new client who came through right before the mortgage was due!

Ahhhhh! Now you get it! Yet, most of us quietly overlooked one of those “whew” moments just last week! That’s right… one of the VERY few bright spots in our economy happened on April 15th. That infamous annual day on calendars, disappeared for THREE MONTHS – and nobody had to file a single piece of paperwork for this miracle to transpire!

For those eagerly anticipating a refund, this made virtually no difference. However, for the millions who would have otherwise had to pony-up to the IRS, during particularly tight financial circumstances, this delay garnered a HUGE collective sigh of relief.

So, did you CELEBRATE?! And, in many instances, we just chalk up these rare moments to getting “lucky.” But, possibly more than anything else, we SHOULD be pulling out all the stops to celebrate these “near miss” days!

Now, think about any “action” movie you’ve seen. Don’t you LITERALLY hold your breath when a car chase leads to the hero ALMOST going over the edge of a bridge? How about when the script leads you to believe that roguishly charming group of thieves you’re cheering for, is ABOUT to get caught? And, when the villain suddenly appears back on-screen – after we thought our hero had gotten him – and his partner appears JUST in the nick of time to save the day?

We pay good money to celebrate THOSE moments, whiling ignoring our OWN “almost” moments! And, in hindsight, some of those “near misses” actually DID help you to dodge a bullet. So why not keep some festive sparklers on-hand so you can genuinely appreciate those little (or sometimes, NOT-so-little) miracles that may spontaneously happen in your life?

So whether a spontaneous occurrence or when the best-laid plans go unimaginably awry, EVERY time you manage to emerge virtually unscathed from those “WHEW!” moments, don’t you owe it to yourself to mark those times when something DIDN’T happen?!?


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