What are the Best Size Sparklers for Weddings?

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What are the Best Size Sparklers for Weddings?

Best Size Sparklers for Weddings

Sparklers are great items for events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, prom, and receptions. They add a spark (literally and figuratively) to any occasion. Sparklers are especially useful for wedding sendoffs when newlyweds make that grand exit that makes the entire place light up. While many people know what they are, it is common for people who want to purchase some for an event to be confused over the type and size of sparklers to purchase. How long should the sparklers be? How long should sparklers last?


The best sparklers should be 36 inches in length and have a burn time of 4 minutes. Our sparklers are known to meet those requirements.


Here are best sizes of sparklers that you can use for your next wedding event:


  1. 36 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers

Price: $27.19

Length: 36 inches

Burn Time: 4 minutes

Number per Order: 24 (4 boxes of 6)

Sale cost per sparkler: $1.13


  1. 20 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers

Price: $27.00

Length: 20 inches

Burn Time: 2 minutes

Number per Order: 48 (4 boxes of 12)

Sale cost per sparkler: $0.56


  1. The Gold Heart Party Sparklers

Price: $27.19

Length: 11 inches

Width: 3.5 inches

Burn Time: 1.5 minutes

Number per Order: 36 (6 boxes of 6)

Sale cost per sparkler: $0.76 


  1. VIP Gold Champagne Bottle Service Sparklers

Price $9.38 – $348.00

Length: 6 inches

Burn time: 35-40 seconds

Sparks: 12 inches high

Color:  Gold


Why the 36 inch Sparkler?

The 36 inch sparkler is a great choice for your wedding ceremony as it has a burn time of 4 minutes. That’s enough time to take that walk from the reception. Our 36 inch sparkler is one of the best for many reasons. Firstly, our quality is undisputed as we give only the best; the sparklers burn for the allotted time, and they do not give off much smoke or ash. 

We take safety into consideration and that is why many event planners trust us with their events. 


The best sparklers for weddings are those that in addition to the above mentioned, have a strong wire mesh that can withstand being held for a time and that’s exactly what our sparklers have. 


So if you’re thinking of the best sparklers for a wedding sendoff, think of the 36” sparklers from BuySparklers. We guarantee that you’ll get the best out of it in terms of duration and quality. 


Another reason to go for the 36” length is the price. For just $27.19, you are sure of getting your money’s worth in quality and value. Considering that the 36” sparkler has two times the burn rate of the 20” sparkler and has a price difference of only $0.19, 36” sparklers are worth the investment. 


Our wedding sparklers outlet is always available online for purchase. Select from the best around and make your wedding beautiful. We ship to any location within the United States, and our sparklers fast shipping service ensures that you’re one step ahead. Contact us today and let’s make the first step to lighting up your wedding sendoff.


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