These sparklers were stunning! We used the longer ones and they were perfect for our exit. They burned for 4 minutes which gave our photographer plenty of time to take amazing photos! I have recommended BuySparklers to all my friends. Best company I worked with during my entire wedding planning!

Autumn, on Wedding Wire

Create magical moments and sparkling memories to last a lifetime with BuySparklers.com!

Your big day will be filled with special moments. Sparklers from BuySparklers.com will add to the joy with brilliant displays of color and light to dazzle your guests and inspire amazing photos. BuySparklers.com makes it fast and easy to get reliable, top-quality sparklers to make your wedding perfect. With our unparalleled quality, caring customer service and Rapid Ship Promise, using BuySparklers.com may be the easiest decision you make for your wedding!

Our dedication to delivering the highest quality wedding sparklers has earned us four consecutive Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Awards in a row! Many wedding venues allow only OUR sparklers in their facilities. Find out why wedding planners, venue managers and brides across the country recommend BuySparklers.com.

Ways to add sparkle to your wedding!

Sparklers are an easy way to make great memories on your special day! Designed for brilliance, safety and ease of use, our sparklers will create memories you and your guests will enjoy for years to come.

Our sparklers are designed to perform beautifully in a variety of magical moments:

  • Creating a tunnel of sparklers for a grand farewell for the bride and groom
  • Capturing special messages in the air with photos of “sparkler writing”
  • Fun photo ops with guests, either individually or as a group
  • As a backdrop for first kiss or first dance photos
  • Guest favors in centerpieces
  • Honoring a loved one who could not be at the ceremony
  • Cake-topper sparklers for an unforgettable cake-cutting ceremony
  • Adding bottle-topper sparklers for the champagne toast, either for the head table only or for each table

PRO TIP: Choose only wedding-quality sparklers!

BuySparklers.com hand-selects the highest-quality sparklers so your wedding day goes off beautifully. Sparklers from BuySparklers.com are reliably incredible!

Here are a few reasons why:

  • We hand-select our sparklers, including those specifically made for weddings. They are the highest quality sparkler available in the U.S.
  • Our burn times are accurate and burn the amount of time we state. Many other companies claim their #36 Inch Sparklers burn for 4 minutes, but in reality, it is about 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Our #20 Inch Wedding Sparklers burn for 2 minutes, not the 1.5 minutes like other cheaper sparklers. We test every shipment. If the burn times aren’t accurate, we send them back.
  • Our sparklers are double-dipped for extra brightness and length of burn time.
  • Our wedding sparklers are made with metal rods – never wood or bamboo. The metal rod reduces smoke when burning. There is no such thing as a smokeless sparkler, but ours are as close as you can get to smokeless.
  • Our metal rod is also thicker to prevent drooping during the sparkler tunnel. A bending sparkler rod can also be dangerous if guests are too close to each other. Ours stay straight and sturdy!
  • Our staff inspects every order of sparklers to ensure they are in perfect condition before they leave our warehouse.
  • Our wedding sparklers come in packaging designed exclusively for weddings.
  • Each order is carefully packed and cushioned with extra packing materials to protect your order during the shipping process so your sparklers arrive in perfect condition.
  • Our quality is truly the best in the USA.  Why risk a sparkler that won’t light, fills the room with smoke and ash or droops?  BuySparklers.com wants EVERY bride to have the highest quality sparkler so their photos are magical.  This is why so many wedding professionals recommend BuySparklers.com to their brides – they know we stand by our promise!

Recommended Wedding Products

Burn Time: 4 Minutes

Best Uses:
Exit Arches for Bride & Groom
“Sparkler Writing” photo ops

couple kissing holding sparklers

Burn Time: 2 Minutes

Best Uses:
Exit arches for bride & groom
Fun effect
Photo of the wedding party, individuals

hands holding sparklers

Burn Time: 1.5 Minutes

Best Uses:
Fun effect
Photo of the wedding party, individuals

Burn Time: 1.5 Minutes

Best Uses:
Guest Favors

birthday cake sparkler

Burn Time: 45 Seconds

Best Uses:
For a dazzling cake-cutting ceremony

Bartenders with bottle sparklers

Burn Time: 45 Seconds

Best Uses:
For a stunning champagne toast, either in bottles for the head table or for all guests

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