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Wedding Tips

Here is some Wedding Tips to make your fabulous wedding exit flawless!

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Did you know that the quickest way to light a sparkler is with another sparkler?  Our sparklers are double-dipped for added brightness and longer burn times.  A regular match or lighter is not strong enough to light them.   The cheaper sparklers can easily be lit with a match or lighter.  You know you are getting a quality product when the flame of a lighter is not strong enough to start the magic.

So to help make the lighting process quicker, we have included a free pack of eight 10-inch sparklers to our #36 & our #20 Sparkler packages.   We suggest that you have a few “stagers” with BBQ lighters and the smaller #10 Sparklers standing at the front, middle and end of line.  Ask your guests to dip their unlit sparkler into a lit sparkler to speed up the lighting process.  You can light a lot of sparklers in a matter of seconds.

Once the sparklers are lit, make sure guests have plenty of room so they do not burn another guest.  Hold the sparklers up and away from your body for safety.  Lastly, make your tunnel wide enough so that the couple can room through it without having to duck down.  These photos will last a lifetime and your photographer wants to capture this magical moment.

Once the bride and groom have ran through the sparkling tunnel, be sure to have somewhere to dispose of the sparklers.  A metal bucket filled with sand or water is a great idea to put burnt sparklers in.  Not only will this provide a safe place for the hot sticks, clean up will be a breeze.  Your wedding venue will LOVE you for this because they will not have to pick up sticks after the reception.

Hopefully these wedding tips will make your grand wedding exit flawless!

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