Premium Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers: What You Need to Know

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Premium Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers: What You Need to Know

Premium Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers: What You Need to Know

If you’ve ever bought fireworks for occasions such as Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve, it’s highly likely you purchased sparklers. Simply put, they are easy and fun to use. With the growing interest to use sparklers for other events – including engagement party sparklers and wedding sparklers – it’s important to understand the differences in sparklers. Here’s what you should know.

What You NEED to Know

They may be used for the same purpose of adding some fun into special occasions, but regular sparklers and premium wedding sparklers differ greatly. The most important detail is knowing what they’re made of.

Wedding sparklers must have steel wire cores. They yield an almost smokeless spark and leave no ash or debris. When you use traditional sparklers instead, you will typically have smoke and ash stains.  They also have a sulfur smell, as they are often made from wood or bamboo. Regular sparklers lead to poor picture quality. They are also more dangerous to use in at an event like weddings. Stick with premium sparklers specifically crafted for these occasions.

Choosing the Sparkler for Your Event

When adding more magic to your event, there are many types of sparklers to choose from. For a nightclub event or engagement parties, you can use champagne bottle sparklers to bring out the bottles with more flare. Gold sparklers supplied at your wedding can be a simple yet brilliant choice. If you want to go a bit further in appeal, a charming purchase would be heart shaped sparklers.

For any theme, event, or day, there is a sparkler for it!

Timing Is Key

While there are a variety of sparklers to go through, the length you select is essential to note. With long stem sparklers, the two main sizes you will come across are 20 inch sparklers and 36 inch sparklers.

For events with 50 guests, 20” sparklers would be your best bet; these will burn for about two minutes, so less sparklers will have to be lit and you can still get great photos! With events with more guests, you would want to purchase 36” sparklers, as these burn for four minutes, which will give you more time to light them or use them for a longer period.

NOTE: Always be sure your venue allows wedding sparklers. You wouldn’t want to buy wedding sparklers and be unable to use them, especially in places like California or Massachusetts.

To find the perfect sparklers for your event, visit the BuySparklers.com Shop for your sparkling needs. Sparklers in bulk can be found under the Shop tab of the BuySparklers.com page. For more information and tips about using wedding day sparklers, visit the Information tab. If you still have questions, you can find out the best way to reach us under our Contact Us page, as we are here to help make your event a more dazzling one!

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