Wedding Favor Ideas

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Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding Favor Ideas

Weddings and wedding receptions are celebrations of love and the union of two people in marriage.  Many brides want to include their friends and family in the celebration.  Brides will put a lot of thought and time into planning their reception….right down to the favors!

Wedding sparklers are a fun and beautiful way to include guests in your celebration.  Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Light sparklers as bride and groom are leaving the reception to run out to their limo.  Create a semi-tunnel for them to run through – but don’t get too close so they can stand upright and look good in their grand exit photos!
  • Light wedding sparklers when toasting the bride and groom.  This works best outside – sparklers are not recommended for indoors.  This will create very dramatic lighting for a special moment during the reception.
  • Decorate each sparkler with ribbons in the wedding colors and place at table settings.  Also attach a clever or romantic phrase like: “You Light Up My Life!”
  • At an outdoor reception, ask guests to form a circle around the dance area.  Light sparklers while the bride and groom are dancing their first dance.

Wedding Favor Ideas – More Information

Our wedding sparklers are available in three lengths :  14 inches, 20 inches and 36 (incredible!) inches.  All are made by the same manufacturer and feature metal rods which produce less smoke than sparklers made of bamboo sticks.  We carry the 14 inch and 20 inch sparklers in our exclusive white with black and silver packaging.  These boxes can be displayed at your event and were designed with the most elegant wedding in mind.

Champagne wedding poppers are also another fun wedding favor. They can be used for a toast or used instead of rice when the bride and groom exit the church or reception.  Our champagne poppers are available in our exclusive white with black and silver packaging.  Champagne wedding poppers are safe to use indoors.  You can scatter them on cocktail or reception tables with other decorations.

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