Truth? We DO Judge A Gift By Its Wrapping!

Truth? We DO Judge A Gift By Its Wrapping!

Truth? We DO Judge A Gift By Its Wrapping!   As children, many of us had the idea that you “shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” drilled into our little heads. And while some of us took the literal concept to heart, others saw the bigger principle behind it. Yet, regardless of HOW “aware” or “sensitive” we might be, every person DOES have their own subconscious biases and preferences about certain things.


And we’re not necessarily talking about the “big” issues or things, either. How about the original Odd Couple… Felix was an OCD “neat-freak,” while Oscar could have grown the cure for pretty much anything from the “droppings” in his room.

Some people prefer blondes, whereas others go for brunettes or redheads. French fries drowned in ketchup… or ketchup on the side for dipping? And, that age-old discussion… toilet paper over or under? (For the record, it’s OVER!) But, whether we admit it or not, we EACH make scores of little “micro-judgments” every day. Most of these are based upon past experiences or personal tastes. It doesn’t mean one is superior to the other – just that you prefer one and question those whose tastes differ from ours!


We make certain value judgments on the way people speak and dress, what they drive and where they live. AND… despite all of that good advice we got as kids, we DO judge books by their covers AND gifts by how they’re wrapped!


C’mon! Admit it… you get a just little more excited about receiving a gift that features some unique feature or lavish packaging presentation. Unless, of course it happens to be a simple, Tiffany Blue® box!

See, packing DOES matter and says something about not only the giver, but the intended recipient, as well! Sure, a big red bow on top of a new Mercedes is always a hit… BUT, some of the most treasured packages have been plain brown bags covered in stickers, with a lollipop awkwardly taped to the outside.


Of course, at some point we’ve ALL done “crafty” gift wrap – whether by necessity or invention. Some recall using the Sunday comics to wrap presents, or even heavy-duty aluminum foil. While those enviable, enterprising parents even have their little offspring paint, handprint/footprint stamp or draw their own gift wrap on art or butcher papers!


And speaking of “enterprising” there are those who are just born with the “gift wrap gene.” Inventive decorations on their packages, customized photo papers, or jaw-dropping origami packages, to contain their hidden treasures.

DON’T PANIC! You do not have to be a living replica of Martha Stewart! (Although we DO envy those who are!) It honestly can be accomplished with a lot less fanfare and talent than you ever imagined. With the addition of a few “special” touches – that you do NOT have to make or “craft” yourself – your packages can go from “nice” to downright enviable!


Even the humble gift bag – a genuine boon to those who were previously gift-wrap impaired – can take on a new level of sophistication and, dare we say it, EXCITEMENT. All you have to do is insert a few premium sparklers into that gift bag among the tissue paper nest. If you’re kicking it old school, consider adding a “sparkler bouquet” into that elegant ribbon and bow around your package… just as you would have previously added a floral sprig, seasonal pic or “treat on a stick.” You’ve just taken your gift-wrap game into EPIC territory! And for those talented few, just imagine what some sparklers would do for YOUR presents’ presence!

Want more of these “sizzling” gift wrap ideas, just drop us a line or give us a call and we can make sure YOUR presents will not only always bring a sparkle to their eyes, but ALWAYS land in a “judgment-free zone!”


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