You Don’t Need A Boat For A “Bon” Voyage!

You Don’t Need A Boat For A “Bon” Voyage!

Have you noticed the subtle shift in our language since the COVID-19 pandemic? Phrases like the “new normal” or “distance learning” – to name just a few – have now become standard parts of our daily lexicon. However, we have ALSO seen the tried-and-true “Have a nice day” frequently being replaced with “Be safe”… which WE really kind of like.

Whether it’s the barista at the Starbucks drive-through, your favorite convenience store clerk, or even a casual acquaintance or coworker, this sentiment is slowly replacing the previous “automatic” pleasantry or “bon mot” – which literally translates to “good word.” And don’t we ALL need a “good word” or two sprinkled throughout our day?!?

And speaking of the word “bon,” as noted above it’s French for “good,” as in bon jour, or bon chance, or even (one of our favorites) Bon-Bons. Indeed, those little treats actually mean “good-good” and who are WE to argue!comprar viagra Mastercard https://espanapharm.com/comprar-viagra-de-espana.html

Now, one more example that you don’t have to speak French to recognize: “Bon Voyage.” Quick… when we say the words “bon voyage” what do you picture? People sailing away on a luxury steamer, right! BUT, you can actually wish someone a “bon voyage” if they’re just running down to the corner store. It’s simply a way of telling them to have a good trip or safe travels.

So, as people now begin to emerge from their “quarantine bubbles” and start to take – or at least plan – new trips, more than EVER we need to revive the “bon voyage” tradition. Although, we’ll be the first to admit we love to see those old scenes of champagne popping, blowing air kisses from ship railings, and trailing festive streamers down to the well-wishers on the dock. Now THAT was the pure romance of travel!

Don’t we ALL need a few more “magical” moments in our lives… especially these days? It logically follows that the start of ANY getaway should merit some “bon” festivities… no fancy luxury liner required! Even what used to be an “ordinary” mini-vacation, now takes on new excitement and significance in this “new normal.” And as we know more and more people now embarking on new adventures, aren’t the FIRST words that cross our minds or lips: “Stay safe!”… as in, “good trip”? See what we did there!

Now is as good a time as any, to bring BACK the streamers, poppers and FANFARE to every departure. Quick trip to the lake? Sparklers! No matter how “epic” or “ordinary” the excursion may be, they all deserve a proper “Bon Voyage!”

It’s just another way – granted, with just a bit more pizzazz – to say “Safe trip.” And our “Bon Voyage Team” can advise you on the best ways to plan the perfect send-off… large or small.

So let’s put aside those images of the “old bon voyage” and replace them with the celebratory memories of the “NEW Bon Voyage.” After all, we’ve need something uplifting to come from this year and this is new tradition could be one of those rare “changes” that’s actually “GOOD!”

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