Thinking of Adding a Twist to Your Wedding?

Wedding photography with sparklers

Thinking of Adding a Twist to Your Wedding?

Are you thinking of adding a twist to your wedding?  Sparklers are a fantastic and affordable option that your guests will love!

Most brides choose our lovely #20 Gold Wedding Sparklers or amazing #36 Wedding Sparklers.  Either sparkler will outshine and outlast all other sparklers on the market!  Our #20 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers are packaged 48 sparklers per order for $27.00 and has a burn time of 2 minutes.  While the #36 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers are packaged 24 sparklers for $27.19 and have a burn time for 4 glorious minutes.

Show your love at your grand wedding exit with sparklers.  To create an amazing sparkler photo like this one, photographers recommend using our #36 Inch Wedding Sparkler.   With a 4 minute burn time, it allows the photographer enough time to create hearts, swirls, words or any creative flare for a fantastic picture.  The photographer has to use a special lens to slow down the shutter speed making the magic appear.   Be sure to coordinate the use of sparklers with your photographer in advance so they can start preparing for the sparkler pictures.

Don’t forget to bring the BBQ or Butane lighter to light the sparklers.  A regular lighter or match is not hot enough to ignite the sparkler.



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