Think “Outside-The-Booth” For YOUR Photo Booth!

Think “Outside-The-Booth” For YOUR Photo Booth!

Think “Outside-The-Booth” For YOUR Photo Booth!  Somewhere along the line, we all became familiar with and adopted some form of “corporate-speak” – whether it’s “synergy” or “bandwidth,” from “ROI” to “KPI” it’s enough to drive even the most dedicated just a little bit batty!

However, one of our favorites (HONESTLY! We admit it!) is to “think outside-the-box.” It actually describes how some of us have thought and operated our entire lives… and somebody gave it a name and definition! And, in most contexts we consider this “out of the box” thinking a positive asset.

Yet, why do we “restrict” this creative problem-solving and inventiveness to business applications?!? It seems to us, that we’d gain much greater emotional satisfaction by employing these “out-of-the-box” skills to our personal lives. So let’s start with that one area specifically designed to bring some happiness into your life – social occasions.

Of course, these WOULD include those “big” moments such as weddings, anniversaries, retirements, major holidays and graduations. But, don’t discount those smaller moments! If you look back on some of your fondest moments, it may have been a smaller group, in a more casual setting… but it’s the MEMORIES that truly count. And with the advent of high-quality phone cameras, EVERY moment can be preserved.

So why not put together your OWN “camera-ready” set to make those photos (and memories) REALLY sparkle. We understand hiring a pro may be the smartest route for those “once-in-a-lifetime” celebrations. But, for those many other occasions, you can DIY your own “photo booth” – sans the booth! And, you don’t even have to be terribly “handy” to make it happen.

Usually, if you look around, you ALREADY have all the “theme” props you may need or want for your gathering. Or, quick trips to local thrift stores can be the first step to start building your own “prop trunk” that you can use over and over. It’s all about setting a scene, and then letting your friends or family become characters in that scene!

Next, consider the lighting. You do NOT have to have fancy light boxes and fill flashes. Most good cameras compensate for low lighting. However, do avoid fluorescent lighting as it tends to layer a green-ish cast onto your photo subjects. Nice, indirect lamp lighting or even good solid overhead halogens give a nice clean white light – which lets your props and “scenery” be the stars, along with your guests. If desired, you can always rent a light reflector for a few dollars more… and give those photos an extra degree of polish.

And, with a little PVC pipe and some screw-together pipe joints, you can build your own backdrop stand. Even a heavy-duty tension curtain or shower rod in an open doorway can serve the same purpose. Now, here’s where the fun REALLY starts!

Your grandmother’s handmade quilt draped as your background, with a nice wooden bench, stools or barrel and maybe a watering can with flowers or a small hay bale from your local craft store (or a REAL one from your local feed and grain), form the perfect “country” setting. No booth required! The same goes for a beautiful lace tablecloth or even a few yards of some “snazzy” fabric, which can ALL become stunning backdrops for your photos. And, you can even have your favorite stock or vacation photos made into a vinyl roll-drop to hang as your set design. Who wouldn’t enjoy an indoor luau, on a sandy beach – complete with tropical drinks, props, and wardrobe – on a cold winter’s night? Your local office supply and sign businesses can handle that for you, at a surprisingly reasonable price. Who knows, you may want more than one!

Of course, the PERFECT – and economical – prop for any scene you may choose to set, is the REAL “sparkle” you offer your guests to complete their picture. With a huge assortment of styles, colors, and GUARANTEED burn times, even the most simple “photo booth” will provide a lifetime of memories they’ll be talking about for years! The possibilities are limited ONLY by your imagination, and we’re here to help “spark” (we couldn’t resist) those ideas! So, step OUTSIDE the booth, and open up a whole new realm of possibilities for your next “non-booth” photo shoots!


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