The Wedding Day “Extras” Checklist

birthday cake with sparklers

The Wedding Day “Extras” Checklist

Planning your own wedding can be a hassle when you have both the ceremony and the reception to think about. One small accident can create a domino effect, especially if it’s something that goes unnoticed. Consider a Wedding Day Extras Checklist.


You want to make sure you have the major essentials: a marriage officiant, the rings, tables, chairs, a wedding cake, a DJ or band, flowers. However, it’s the little things that matter, too: table numbers, name cards, candles, a cake topper, wedding signs (i.e. bar signs, reception entrance signs, parking signs), and wedding day sparklers. It’s the details that can add more glam to what may seem like a minimalist wedding, even on a budget. Rent or borrow what you can, and purchase bundles of items you can’t.


Below is a list of a few extra items that you can craft yourself or purchase to personalize your wedding while ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Chair Properly Placed for a Bride and Groom's Wedding Day

Wedding Day Ceremony Extras



  • Parking signsAs absurd as it may sound, parking signs will reduce stress and keep family members from getting lost or calling you to confirm they are in the right place, especially if your wedding is located at a large venue.
  • Welcome banners Having welcome banners right before guests enter the wedding venue turns the entrance into a warm invitation to join you on your special day.  


    • Ceremony programs and Sparklers for weddings Place wedding programs and Gold sparklers or heart shaped sparklers on guests’ seats before the ceremony and have the wedding planner or a bridesmaid go over how the sparklers will be used.
    • Aisle chair decor – Add flowers or garlands to the chairs located closest to the aisle to create a livelier path for the walk down the aisle.


  • Aisle runner Guarantee that the runner stays in place with decorated weights to prevent any folds during the ceremony.


Sparklers Properly Placed for a Wedding Day Reception

Wedding Day Reception Extras

  • Guest book and pensKeep extra pens underneath the guest book table if you don’t use an attached pen; it’s likely people will accidentally run off with them.
  • Candles and centerpiecesLED flameless candles are a safe alternative if children attend the reception.
  • Table numbers and name cardsMake the table numbers large enough for the guests to see and ensure name cards are placed in a visible position to keep guests from having a hard time finding their seat.
  • Cake topperIf the classic “Bride and Groom” topper isn’t appealing to you, consider using 20 inch sparklers to bring more attention and fun to your cake.
  • Cards and gifts signThis eliminates the hassle of having to tell your guests where to put the gifts until the table is full enough for people to see where they go.
  • Party favorsIf you’re using 36 inch sparklers or champagne poppers for a wedding send-off, placing these on guest tables before or after the reception will make these party favors easily accessible.

While some items on the list may be handmade, Buy Sparkers Online provides extra wedding elements that you can incorporate into your day, whether you buy sparklers to close your wedding or choose to use champagne sparklers before the traditional toast. Sparklers in bulk can be used to add some magic to your ceremony or create more fun at your reception. Working on a budget? Visit this page to find a buysparklers.com coupon code or two. For more budget-friendly sparklers or any of our other products, browse our store or contact us directly for more information.



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