“Outta Sight” Right Now? DON’T Be “Outta Mind!”

“Outta Sight” Right Now? DON’T Be “Outta Mind!”

“Outta Sight” Right Now? DON’T Be “Outta Mind!”  Whether your business might currently be enduring the effects of the quarantine, or even if you’re operating normally right now, EVERY business goes through those economic “lulls.” And, like it or not, sometimes you just have to make the best of a bad situation!

However, this may be a particularly challenging time for your business – be it a Fortune 50 company or an Etsy store you run out of your dining room. And, for many businesses this can either signal a death knell for their enterprise…or a unique opportunity. It’s ALL in your perspective!

Currently, you (and your business) may be the VERY LAST thing on your clients’ and customers’ minds. And, rightfully so. But, just because you and your business are “outta sight” right now, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to be “outta mind!”

See, for so many businesses, classic “top-of-mind” awareness ranks among the top reasons your customer chooses YOU, over everyone else. When a need arises, your business or name is the first one to “pop to mind.” So, how do you maintain that long-term mental association, when they don’t see you – or even when their business is down?!?

Well, we could do volumes on marketing ideas, principles, trends, etc. But, even for the most modest entrepreneurial effort, some very basic techniques hark back to those important foundational “life lessons” we learned as children… and many of which can be found in the ultimate compendium of early wisdom: “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum. He reminds us that most often, it boils down to the simple things!


Be kind. Use your “polite words.” Share with others. And this is the BEST starting point, to boost revenues!


At the root of outstanding, memorable, personal customer service, you’ll find kindness. Try to remember, your customers may be enduring very similar circumstances. Reach out to them in a CARING manner. This is not a “sales-y” tactic! Show genuine concern. If they’re local, maybe drop off some fresh, homemade cookies with a little note just letting them know you were thinking about them and hope they’re well.


And, that brings us to sharing. You’ve made a good start by sharing your interest in their well-being. But, sharing involves GOOD communication. Send client emails with updates; involve and engage your customers through social media. Be the person who offers and shares SOLUTIONS… not the source of more headaches or work. Not only is it good karma, but frequently, your business benefits as well! An informed consumer is a better consumer.


And, the hidden gem in all of this? When one business GETS more business, they then GIVE business to those vendors who play a role in operating their company. Widget manufacturers need packaging for their product – which comes from paper suppliers, printers, plastic fabricators, and the original sources of that paper stock, ink and compound components. Now, those widgets have to get to the buyers, via transportation and warehouse workers. People somewhere along this supply chain have to actually sell the widgets, generating revenue for lease holders, utilities, sales supply outlets… and, of course, the salaries for the people, themselves. Who then, in turn, can buy MORE widgets – hopefully, YOUR “widgets!”

Finally, those “polite words” can go a LOOOONG way! Yes, you do need that all-important “call-to-action”… but be sure you say “Please” and let them know you’re thinking of them, and just “here” for them, regardless of what they may be going through. Sometimes, that can be the MOST powerful CTA you can make!

And, always… Always… ALWAYS, remember to say “Thank You!” Don’t “ask” for anything, just let them know you appreciate them, and their loyalty to your business. One of the most time-honored ways to do this is to send a small “corporate” gift. But, don’t settle for something mundane, like a pen, magnet or key fob with your company name on it. If you want your business to really “stand out” in their mind, then you’ve got to send something unique!

After all, your business is special… so thank those loyal clients with a gift that has some pizzazz already built-in. And we’ve got just the thing – SPARKLER BOUQUETS! Our experts create customized “bouquets,” complete with a personalized note, and can quickly ship to your valued clientele. This is not only an affordable way to say “Thanks,” but we can guarantee that although you may be “outta sight” right now, you and your business will definitely remain “top of mind”… all to create “outta-sight” profits in the future! Call Nicole at 888-990-8939 to help coordinate your sparkler bouquets!


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