Something For The “True Blue” (Or Gold Or Red Or…) Sports Fan

Something For The “True Blue” (Or Gold Or Red Or…) Sports Fan

Something For The “True Blue” (Or Gold Or Red Or…) Sports Fan.  Some come to it by birth… others by virtue of their education… many, through simple geography… and, for a rare few, it’s a purely emotional choice. But, regardless of HOW those “true blue” sports enthusiasts entered the kingdom of fandom, they’re in it for the LONG haul!   And, they have well-earned the title of “FAN” – which actually derived from the word “fanatic,” and genuinely captures the devotion, blind loyalty and enthusiasm these devotees openly (and quite proudly) display.

So whether they “bleed” their NCAA school colors, or have never missed an opening pitch for their favorite MBL team, or live for the Stanley Cup or NBA Finals… or even miss shagging some fly balls with their pals or kicking a few goals with their teammates on the field, this has been a “trying” spring season for athletes and their fans!   Don’t despair – if those multi-billion-dollar sports channels can take the COVID-19 “lemons” and make some creative “lemonade,” why not take a page from their playbook?!?


Celebrate the “Glory Days” of your favorite team! So plan your own “vintage” hockey party – complete with food, beverages, decorations, team apparel… and, of course, SPARKLERS! And, the same goes for a classic rivalry on the diamond, getting a second life in rebroadcast. Break out the team scarves and revisit a particularly memorable World Cup game or series.

For some families, the most exciting games or victories THEY remember probably had a much smaller audience. We’re talking about those youth, community and school games. The “big” games that will live on in family memories – and frequently, lore – for a lifetime!


And, just like other major milestones, those anniversaries should be celebrated, too! Why not stage a full-scale, family or (safely distanced) neighborhood party to commemorate that monumental victory?


Such an occasion also requires something not only guaranteed to “WOW” but also guaranteed to perform “like a champ.” And this calls for something you know you can trust, like the premium sparklers we personally test – and back – at BuySparklers.com!


Even the drive-by “parades” that have become “en vogue,” would be perfectly complimented by some added “sparkle”… c’mon, EVERY big championship features some sort of fireworks! The multitude of ideas is limited only by your imagination. How about celebrating the anniversary of when someone made the team? Or, what about that tournament where your athlete beat their own personal best? Remember how you celebrated when your team just made it to the finals? Relish those sports fan moments! Revisit them!

Pull those fan jerseys out of the closets and drawers; dust off those ball caps; dig out your lucky socks or ball or puck or… and recapture your love of the sport. And, if you want to add a “ringer” to your team, just give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll customize the perfect pick-me-up for every sports fanatic. So even though the parks and courts and rinks and fields may currently be empty and quiet, within the chest of every fan, continues to beat the heart of a champion – and, especially now, that’s something to be celebrated!


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