Sparklers and Summer Fun!

summer party with sparkler

Sparklers and Summer Fun!

Sparklers and Summer Fun!  Summer is here and has brought the crazy heat with it!  We are doing everything we can to stay cool this summer and have enjoyed spending time on the lake and beach cooling off.  We have made it a tradition with our family and friends to always end our weekends on the water with sparklers!


Sparklers and summer go hand-in-hand!  They can fit easily into any theme you decorate with.  There is something so magical about having sparklers for friends and family to have fun with.  Be sure that you are purchasing quality metal sparklers for safety reasons.  The bamboo sparklers are cheaper, but ash off when they are burning and can catch clothes or hair on fire.  We only sell metal sparklers at BuySparklers.com – safety is very important to us!  It is also a great idea to have a couple of buckets filled with sand or water for your guests to dispose of the used sparklers to prevent burns or injuries.

Need some inspiration on ways to incorporate sparklers into your next outside BBQ or picnic?  We have some fabulous ideas and plenty of fun pictures on our Pinterest site.  Or visit www.BuySparklers.com to view our Party Sparklers.


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