Every “Moment” Has A Story! What’s YOURS?!?

Every “Moment” Has A Story! What’s YOURS?!?

“Remember that time when we…” can open the floodgates on countless fond – or entertaining – memories. And this stroll down Memory Lane is not restricted to those of “advancing” years… even a preschooler enjoys recounting a particularly unforgettable moment. Truthfully, we ALL have those “moments” scattered throughout our lives, and derive immense pleasure from reliving them!  Every special moment has a story behind it.

And the unique circumstances of THIS year will provide ample fodder for even more unique memories. Can’t you hear it now? “Yeah – back in 2020, during that pandemic lockdown, who could forget the time when…” Let’s face it, EVERY memorable “moment” in EVERY life, also has an accompanying “story.”

It makes us think of the Sophia character from The Golden Girls: Picture it, Sicily 1920… Her penchant for telling stories from the past has become SO iconic it’s even become the source of many popular internet memes! Not only did those tales provide endless comic fodder, but they ALSO offered a sense of comfort – via nostalgia – that touched both Sophia and her roommates.

Ironically enough, our subconscious brings warm (OR downright funny) memories to the forefront of our minds during many of the MOST trying times in our lives… specifically to release those “feel-good” endorphins and provide us with a familiar sense of well-being! Sooo, I GUEEESSSS we can thank the pandemic for helping us relive some of our most unforgettable moments? Who’d a thought?!?

Let’s face it, some of the MOST indelible memories involve things that didn’t go quite… uhhh… according to plan. Mishaps are funny! Lucille Ball built an entire career on this premise – for which we are ALL richer. We replay those old clips over and over, despite the fact we already KNOW what’s going to happen when Lucy goes to work in a candy factory, or tries to sell a magic tonic, and who could EVER forget her “Hollywood” moments with William Holden, Harpo Marx or John Wayne?!?

And the same holds true for even the youngest members of your family. They may fondly recall a birthday or special occasion from a previous year… OR maybe they’ve already begun to treasure the “unique” improvisations or innovations of THIS year!

For those who’ve even casually perused our previous blog posts, you may have added a “sparkling” element to your planned events or “improvisations!” So we KNOW you’ve got “stories.”

Of course, we know those stories all have that much sought-after “happily ever after” ending… even though we may have to REALLY search for that silver lining sometimes! Everyone wants to live their own fairy tale story. And while some may lack a comedic element, they all will be the source of future memories.

And WE want to hear them! If you’ve used any of our products – whether for personal use, as an event guest or in your business – we want you to share YOUR “stories” with us. In fact, we’re willing to put our sparklers where our mouth is! (We take our own advice on “bribery!”) Anyone who sends us THEIR “sparkling” story, will receive a $5 gift card to Starbucks as a little incentive. Imagine having YOUR story featured in one of our future blog posts… and fame awaits, just an email away!

So whether “Lucy-level” comedic or sweetly tender, we know that EVERY special “moment” in your life has a story that DESERVES to be told! Please share those sparkling memories with us – and the world – because we can ALL afford to add more “feel-good” moments to our lives!


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