“Sparkling” Images Can Yield Sparkly “Bling” For YOU!

“Sparkling” Images Can Yield Sparkly “Bling” For YOU!

“Sparkling” Images Can Yield Sparkly “Bling” For YOU!  We’ve recently paid homage to a diverse assortment of creative ideas which can be – if you’ll pardon the pun – “sparked” by marrying either decorative items for the home or event theme options, with pyrotechnics. And, as sparkler purveyors, this certainly is not “unexpected.” However, something you just MAY find unexpected, is how you can turn these ideas into cold, hard cash!

Aside from the obvious inclusion of sparklers, we ask you: What ONE thing does every single one of our blog posts have in common? Yep… you’re gonna have to think about that one! Sure, we talk about some sort of aesthetics in each one. And, pretty much every post does offer new ideas or suggestions to incorporate our product(s) into your life. But, again, that content still focuses on the primary subject: SPARKLERS.

Can’t figure it out? We’ll give you a BIG hint – you’re STARING RIGHT AT IT! It’s the photographs and artwork you will find in EVERY one of our posts! Thankfully, we partner with some of the premier wedding and event photographers in the country, who graciously share some of their images that feature our vast assortment of “sparkling” products.

However, have you ever given a thought to WHERE we get those other photos and illustrations? Stock photo sites! And, while many do offer royalty-free photos and designs for complimentary download, other premium sites charge either on a per-image basis or a subscription plan of some sort.

And that’s where YOU can profit! Several well-known photo and illustration websites actually PAY their contributing artists. Most operate on a per-download basis – which means you can direct friends, family, coworkers and online connections to YOUR photos. And, you get paid. All for capturing those “sparkling” memories, you would have been photographing anyway… pretty nifty, right?!?

By the way, many of those sites also offer video for paid downloads. So, you even have that option for your inner director or cinematographer! Honestly, you never know WHO may be searching for photos featuring your pyrotechnics. We WILL say that “unique” tends to do better, since the available selection for very specific search parameters tends to be a LOT more limited – greatly increasing the chances for those photos or illustrations to be purchased. And we speak with the voice of years of experience!

“Ordinary” sparkler photos are a dime a dozen, but frequently DO provide good “fill” for some Photoshop magic… and are usually free! However, we will pay handsomely for pictures featuring a particularly unique image, capturing a breathtaking sparkler moment we’re trying to illustrate.

And to make sure your images will be top-notch we recently shared a link in another post, with tips specifically for photographing sparklers! Although a thorough search should provide plentiful tutorials on perfectly capturing those fleeting, “sparkling” moments, when it comes to finding available photographs – not so much.

So, YES, if you should decide to pursue this new income path, you WILL need premium sparklers… and a LOT of ideas to incorporate them into advantageous photographic ideas. But, it could ALSO unlock a new passion for you. Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss how you can stage amazing “sparkling” images, and in addition to adding a little more joy and fun into your life, you could generate some funds for ANOTHER kind of “sparkling bling” in your life, too!


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