Sparklers make Military Weddings Glow

Military wedding sparkler exit kiss

Sparklers make Military Weddings Glow

From the time honored traditions, to the ceremonial dress uniforms, there’s something very special about a military wedding!  Brides planning a military wedding can incorporate as many or as few traditions into her weddings as she likes.


By far the most popular military tradition in weddings is the sword / saber arch.  Usually 6 – 8 servicemen line up in pairs outside the chapel and the bride and groom walk under the arch as they leave.  The men will drop their sword and require the bride and groom kiss before being allowed to pass through.  Before completing the symbolic “safe passage into marriage”, the last 2 men will block their journey while one guard gives the new military spouse a swat on the backside as they are welcomed into whatever branch of service they just married into. This is a very old, but fun tradition that has carried forward for many years.


Another military tradition, which is the highlight of a military reception is cutting the cake with the groom’s sword.  The bride holds the sword with the groom’s hand over hers and together they cut the wedding cake.

A ritual that is becoming a fast tradition with military weddings is the sparkler grand exit.  Just like the sword / saber arch, the sparkler arch leaving the reception is growing rapidly with military weddings.  Most brides will order #36 Gold Wedding Sparklers to use as their arch / tunnel to walk through to make their exit more dramatic and special.



These traditions that come with a military wedding make them so special!

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