Dazzle Your Wedding with a Few Sparkler Tips!

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Dazzle Your Wedding with a Few Sparkler Tips!

Planning any event can be difficult. Planning a wedding can be downright stressful.  The ladies of Soirees: Wedding, Parties, and Events have over 6 years of experience delivering the most exceptional and innovative weddings in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. We got a chance to ask Soirees’ owner Morgan Holland for a few sparkler tips to make your wedding even more dazzling than the next.

What’s it like for the bride and groom running through the Sparklers?


  • While some couples are apprehensive at first, they always feel comfortable and love the look of the pictures! The #20 Gold Sparklers are my favorite because they burn longer and smoke less than any other sparkler brand I’ve tried.


What about for the guests?


  • Guests LOVE sparklers! We definitely hear the most excitement and loudest cheers from guests when sparklers are included!


How have you seen sparklers displayed prior to the end of the night?


  • We often display the sparklers in a large bucket of sand or in glass containers prior to!  This ensures that each guest can easily be handed/grab a sparkler, but also have a place to put the finished wand once the spark has died down!  Venues always appreciate that!


 Any specific wedding tips for brides using wedding sparklers?


  • After all the guests are properly lined up, THEN start lighting the sparklers and asking them to pass it down the line! This ensures that all the sparklers are lit at once and the ones at the end (closest to your photographer) will be lit the longest!

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