Sparkler Novelty Fireworks

Romantic Sparkler

Sparkler Novelty Fireworks

Sparkler Novelty Fireworks for the General Public

Sparklers fall into the category of Novelty Fireworks.  In most states, sparklers can be sold and used any time of the year. There are a few exceptions, so please check with your local Fire Department of Event Coordinator.  There are two basic types of sparklers

~       Thin steel wire Sparklers

~       Bamboo wood stick sparklers


Bamboo wood stick sparklers are not recommended because they produce a lot of smoke and the wood will ash off onto the ground, which can be very messy.

For safe handling, firework sparklers should be held in the bottom 1/3 of its wire or bamboo to avoid the portion that is coated with a pyrotechnic substance. It is also important to hold burning sparklers out away from you while burning them! Sparkler fireworks are the only type of firework you can hold in your hand while using.

Sparklers burn slowly, and are safe enough for kids to use with adult supervision.  Once the top end of a sparkler is ignited, the pyrotechnic coating burns progressively down until it stops before reaching the handle where you hold the sparkler. Its slow burn creates a long lasting beautiful shower of sparkler firework glow right in front of you!

Recommended for outdoor use, the firework sparkler perfectly compliments almost any event or special occasion.

~       Sparklers are great fun at birthday parties, 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, and at weddings.

~       Always ask for permission at your party venue to use sparklers.

~       Try sticking sparklers in the ground or in decorative pots filled with sand or dirt to light and burn for a beautiful outdoor glow.

Romantic Sparkler

Firework Sparklers Colors

Firework Sparklers have a beautiful gold glow.  The wire sticks and the pyrotechnic material are typically grey with the sparks giving off a warm yellow burn.  They work well in daylight or night – but have the greatest glow and impact after dark. Sparklers can be stored for a long time as long as they remain cool and dry. Choose the gold sparkler color for weddings and wedding receptions. It sparkles to create a gorgeous enchanted feeling for all attending the celebration.

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