Sparkler Essentials

Sparkler heart made by wedding couple

Sparkler Essentials

Sparkler Essentials:


Known for contributing to a photogenic and memorable send-off, sparklers are a given at weddings. However, there are some essential things that must be remembered when using sparklers for weddings.

1) You would think this was common sense, but you would be surprised how many people forget to bring a lighter! Rather than giving your guests plain lighters, try personalized lighters with the bride and grooms name or a cute saying. It can make a great party favor that guests to take home, as well as a perfect way for guests to light their sparklers.  Remember that our sparklers are extra thick and a regular lighter is not strong enough to light them.  It is best to use BBQ lighter or dip them into a candle.

2) Handing out wedding  sparklers should be done in the proper way.  Let guests know what time you are having your magical sparkler exit by having a Sparkler Exit Sign displayed.   Not only will your guests know to stick around for the grand exit, but the more guests you have with sparklers, the more beautiful your photos will be!

Chalkboard - Gold Sparkler
Chalkboard – Gold Sparkler

3) The wedding send-off sparklers should be displayed where the exit will be take place. I like the idea of having them in elegant vases or metal buckets that are filled with sand.  You can find a amazing ideas on our Sparkler Essentials pinterest board here to get inspired.  The metal buckets are also a great way for guests to dispose of their burnt sparklers.  Your wedding venue will thank you for not finding sparkler sticks throughout their property.

15" Galvanized Metal Bucket

4) Lastly, don’t forget the sparklers!  Our most popular sizes are the #36 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers and the #20 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers.  The longer sparklers are recommended for weddings over 200 guests, weddings 100 – 200 guests, we recommend the #20 Sparklers and for weddings under 100 guests, the #14 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers are just perfect.

If you have any questions get in touch with us at info@buysparklers.com or call Nicole at (888)-99-8939. We will be happy to help!


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