Sometimes There’s A REASON For “Random”…So Celebrate It!

Sometimes There’s A REASON For “Random”…So Celebrate It!

Sometimes There’s A REASON For “Random”…So Celebrate It!  Have you ever noticed – or even paid attention to – those “random” holidays and observances you sometimes hear mentioned on the news or by a radio personality or even popping up on your social media? HEY… we even paid homage to Deaf History Month in a blog post we did back in March. However, “random” as they may seem, usually there IS a purpose behind these special days, weeks and months!


Yes – many ARE the product of some industry or profession. If you take into account the dairy farmers, doctors, lawyers, taxidermists, dentists, teachers, nurses, musicians, dancers, artists, tech gurus, ranchers, activists, librarians, and… well, as you can see, the list is virtually ENDLESS for those wanting to bring some recognition (or even, humor) to their little corner of the world.


And, of course, some truly ARE just for fun! But, even those genuinely “random” days have a story behind them… for those who choose to satisfy their curiosity. We mustn’t neglect those particular cultural phenomenon or trends, either. For instance, who doesn’t want to celebrate Star Wars Day – May the 4th (get it?!?) – when they can unleash their inner Jedi! And, for those who could spend hours enjoying the backyard antics of their bushy-tailed visitors, we’ve got Squirrel Appreciation Day to tickle your fancy.


So, why not give your light saber some REAL “sparkle” or reciprocate the backyard entertainment with some “razzle dazzle”?!? HONESTLY, wouldn’t it be nice to indulge in a little celebration more than just a handful of times a year?


AND, you can also help raise awareness for things or causes that may be near-and-dear to your heart! If you work in the IT field, it probably drives you CRAZY when someone in your office uses “password” as their password or even keeps it posted on a sticky note at their desk. Why not pass out some sparklers (as a fun “reminder”) to celebrate World Password Day… the first Thursday in May. A simple search for IT-related “holidays” will yield MANY occasions for you to “burn” the message into their brains. And, with our GUARANTEED premium sparkler burn times, you’ll have PLENTY of time to make your point!


For teachers, editors, writers and devoted wordsmiths, there’s a day tailor-made for YOU: National Punctuation Day on Sept. 24th. Why not use sparklers to “write” some punctuation marks in the air?!? Fun AND instructional!


This same “educational” component also holds true for the more “serious” designations. We have Black History Month, American Heart Month and National Children’s Dental Health Month all in February – among several others. Each of these offers some great opportunities to not only bring some extra knowledge and attention to these important issues, but adding a little “flair” will make the observation even MORE memorable throughout the rest of the year!

Bottom line, we’ve all been touched by some “random” event or encounter – each with its own story and recollections. Why not EMBRACE the inherent “randomness” of life, and FIND a reason to celebrate… even when life hands you a less-than-stellar day!

Obviously, WE advocate keeping a nice assortment of sparklers on-hand at all times, just so you’re ALWAYS ready to celebrate. Especially on those “down” days, we ALL need something to lift our spirits… maybe even MORE than on something we might traditionally consider a “happy” day!


And while you’re raising awareness for important matters, June just happens to be National Safety Month. So even though we offer “over-the-top” sparkler displays, we offer more than just seasonal “fireworks” on the roadside – we’re full-service professionals, and our products come with both guarantees AND safety tips!


However, despite this plethora of observances, holidays, cultural milestones, and historic anniversaries, we DO find it a bit ironic that – to date – there is no “Sparkler Day!” So, why not start a trend? Who says you can’t have MULTIPLE “Sparkler Days” every year… and our “sparkling experts” stand ready to help you put some REASON behind whatever “random” may cross your path!



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