Sometimes A “Thank You” Just Needs More SPARKLE!

Sometimes A “Thank You” Just Needs More SPARKLE!

Sometimes A “Thank You” Just Needs More SPARKLE!  

As a species, we tend to be curious and like to see “behind the curtain”… it’s just in our nature. We enjoy watching those “untold stories” of our favorite movies, TV shows, and musical groups. Stories written by reporters, who went “under cover” to expose wrongs in our society, have launched journalistic careers since the days of Nelly Bly.

Best-sellers take us behind the scenes of fantasy worlds, or inside the lives of international spies. Admit it, we just wanna know!  So in this spirit, occasionally we’ll give you a glimpse of the world behind BuySparklers.com!

As you probably suspect, we get a sizeable chunk of our business from weddings, and holiday celebrations. However, sometimes we get more unique requests. And during these particular COVID-19 challenges, we thought THIS recent order deserved to be in the spotlight!

Our owner conveyed a recent experience:

“I had a guy last week place an order for some sparklers (our neon sparklers) to send to his girlfriend, who is a nurse. She had been working for many days straight and was overwhelmed. So, he sent her a “bouquet” of sparklers to brighten her day. I thought it was so darn sweet – instead of sending flowers, he sent a “sparkler bouquet!”

So, who is that “essential” person, tirelessly working the front lines of this pandemic, in your life? Obviously, every medical worker and public safety officer or firefighter, immediately comes to mind. And they are definitely some of the TRUE heroes… especially right now!


But consider all of those OTHER folks, putting in grueling hours, risking their own health, ensuring that WE have what we need during this unthinkable situation.  Think of those store clerks, managers and stockers, who work overtime to make sure every new shipment that comes in, immediately gets put on the shelves. Or, how about those commercial truck drivers who make endless runs from warehouses and manufacturers to deliver needed supplies as quickly as humanly (or, in this case, super-humanly) possible!


What about those folks who are tasked with the safety of us all, as they carry the heavy burden of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing all of those public and medical spaces deemed “essential” and that remain open every day?   Sure, you may throw a quick, socially-distant, “Thanks!” when you may encounter one of these individuals in public. Yet, considering EVERYTHING they are doing for us now, is a “Thank You” really enough?

So, we’re going to propose a novel idea, designed specifically to recognize these everyday heroes we may encounter – or even live with! What if, you invested less than $20 to have a whole arsenal of “Thanks!” readily available to add some random “sparkle” to their lives? Hand a sparkler to your checker at the store. Pass one across the driveway to the truck driver who lives next door. Offer one to anyone you see cleaning a public space.

Or go BIG for someone special in your life, who goes that “extra mile” – and well beyond – every day! After all they’ve been through, doesn’t every “essential worker” DESERVE their “Thank You” with some extra “sparkles” on top?!?

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