Snap! Sparkle! Pop! for Independence Day

Snap! Sparkle! Pop! for Independence Day

Snap! Sparkle! Pop!  4th of July is already around the corner! Independence Day is one of our favorite holidays because it is an occasion to not only be patriotic but also an acceptable time when over the top is okay…and the bigger, the better!

4th of july sparklers in front of american flag

Our #36 Inch Gold Party Sparklers are perfect for any 4th of July celebration; whether it be a barbecue, carnival, picnic, or family reunion. I always remember and look forward to sparklers on the 4th of July.  With a burn time of 4 fabulous minutes, kids of all ages will be thrilled to twirl one in the night sky.

Red and blue party poppers

Champagne Party Poppers are also a party favor favorite. The best thing about them is that they can be used anytime of the day, indoors or outdoors. While sparklers look best outdoors after dark, party poppers are fun whenever and wherever. You just pull the string and out pops an explosion of confetti!!  Be sure to point away from people and faces for safety reasons.


Pop Pop Snappers are every little boy’s dream. Give a kid a handful of snappers and he can’t wait to snap them on the ground! They’re safe to use and entertaining year-round!  My son always love throwing them on the ground and scaring his sister with the loud bang!

4th of July isn’t just about our country together. It’s also about family and friends coming together. What better way to come together than fun party favors for everyone to enjoy! They will ensure that your Independence Day is full of explosions, sparkles, and laughter – Snap! Sparkle! Pop!

Be sure to order with enough time for us to reach you in time for your celebration!  We have to ship Ground Service and can reach any where in the Continental US within 5 business days.

For more inspiration about how to make your 4th of July sparkle, visit our website here or get in contact with us at info@buysparklers.com and (888) 990-8939. We will be happy to help!

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