Even YOUR “Small” Business Can Go “BIG!”

Even YOUR “Small” Business Can Go “BIG!”

Even YOUR “Small” Business Can Go “BIG!”  Almost across-the-board, virtually EVERY company has been affected by this COIVD-19 situation – some, because demand is too high and team members are either overworked or understaffed; but for MANY, all they see is declining revenues, disappearing consumers and mounting debt. And most of these, regardless of what part of this curve they may be on, actually represent the textbook definition of a “small business!”

This month, Americans were ORIGINALLY scheduled to observe National Small Business Week (previously set for May 3-9), which prompted us to investigate the idea of a “small business” and find out exactly HOW “big” is “small” in our country… and the facts may surprise you!


In a study conducted by the Small Business Administration (SBA) from 1998-2004, despite ups and downs in the economy, enterprises classified as “small businesses” accounted for a steady 50% of all Gross Domestic Product (GDP) economically in our country! Even today, that number has actually climbed slightly… so look out “BIG Business,” we’re apparently here to stay.


And, when we say “we,” we’re speaking from day-to-day experience — BuySparklers.com is a locally-owned and operated small company, so we can speak first-hand to life in the world of small businesses. But, we’re NOT alone…”small” businesses in the United States:

  • Represent 99.7% of ALL employer firms
  • Employ HALF of all private-sector employees
  • Pay 44% of TOTAL U.S. private payroll
  • Generated 65% of the 15 MILLION net new jobs over the past 17 years
  • Produce 13 TIMES more patents per employee than large patenting firms
  • As of 2009, account for 27.5 MILLION businesses in America!

So maybe, it’s time to rethink your “small” business mentality. Just because your enterprise might be “small” that DOESN’T mean you can’t “go BIG!” You’d be following a nearly-60-year “official” tradition… since the 1963 inception of National Small Business Week.


However, especially during the current business challenges, every entrepreneur HAS to be resourceful, to make THEIR company somehow stand out from their competition. And while we may be biased, we KNOW premium pyrotechnics can definitely ensure YOUR business will have that extra “sparkle” to set your event… open house… customer appreciation gift… ribbon cutting… or EVEN a RE-OPENING after the quarantine closings… apart from everyone else!


And, we have one more statistic to consider: Of new small businesses, 34% survive 10 years or more and 26% last 15-plus years! So, a high degree of diligence and business creativity are required even during the BEST of times – and owners need to REALLY ramp that up during the “less-than-ideal” times.


Why settle for the “tried-and-true” balloons for your premium real estate listing, when you could GENUINELY “dazzle” buyers? Celebrating that chamber of commerce ribbon cutting DESERVES to feature some “extra sparkle” with that sparkling beverage! Want to show your clients or customers how much they “spark” your business success? Give them a “Sparkler-To-Go” to remind them later of how much they mean to you!

Need more ideas on how we can help your bottom line “glitter,” just give us a call or drop us an email, so we can point you in the right direction and handle everything from there. And, even though the face of “small business” may currently be changing, we WILL continue to celebrate the “American Dream” of business ownership found on Main Streets and cul-de-sacs everywhere across our country… in a BIG WAY!

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