September Weddings Bring Warmth with Sparklers

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September Weddings Bring Warmth with Sparklers

I love this time of year when leaves start to change colors, the crispness of the fall air starts to roll in and the smell of pumpkin spice popping up everywhere!  While many of us are pulling out our hoodies and jeans, there are many brides planning their special day for a fall wedding.   The best part is that September Weddings Bring Warmth with Sparklers!

There are so many great color schemes when getting married in September, but my favorite pallet is the orange, purple and burgundy. These deep, moody colors are so romantic and add warmth to decorations.

The best way to finish off your fall wedding night is by adding glamorous sparklers to your send-off.  What better way to add warmth to your event, than by adding a sparkly finish to your night.  Visit www.BuySparklers.com to pick the best size sparkler for your send-off.

Try using our #20 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers or our fabulous #36 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers for a glamorous, romantic wedding send-off!  Depending on the size of your wedding, either wedding sparkler will be a huge hit on your special day!  When ordering sparklers,  you can count on at least 1/3 of your guests will leave before the grand exit, so you don’t have to count them in when buying.



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