Sixteen may be “Sweet” but Fifteen SIZZLES!

Sixteen may be “Sweet” but Fifteen SIZZLES!

Sixteen may be “Sweet” but Fifteen SIZZLES!  While the teen years can be “challenging” for parents and family members – complete with eye rolls, noncommittal shrugs, one-word grunts in answer to casual inquiries, and mysterious abbreviations in texts – they also represent a magical time for young ladies. And, we’re NOT just talking proms and Sweet Sixteen celebrations!

In communities and states with large Hispanic populations, something else can totally eclipse these teenage milestones… the festivity of a Quinceañera! A genuine family affair, this cross between a WASP “Sweet Sixteen” and society Cotillion or Presentation, a “Quince” marks a significant moment in the life of a 15-year-old Latina.

Many young girls dream of this party for YEARS. Just as brides and future-moms create “idea binders” (think Monica’s wedding book on “Friends”) or have collected a staggering number of pins on their Pinterest boards in anticipation of that special time in their own life, so do Hispanic girls who imagine this rite of passage.

However, something they ALL have in common is the desire to make their day “special” and more unique than their friends’ parties! Just as “prom-posals” and gender reveals have become the newest trends in marking a major life milestone – each seeking to “top” those of their peers (or even something they’ve seen in a viral moment online) – quinceañeras have become increasingly lavish AND highly competitive… otherwise, your parental suggestions could be met with even MORE eye rolls!

And, unlike some of these other celebrations, a quinceañera is the ULTIMATE family affair. Moms and abuelitas remember their own quince birthday festivities, along with a bevy of tias, sisters, cousins and godmothers who have their own suggestions for the upcoming event. In many ways, it’s a practice run for the girl’s eventual wedding. Yet, in many ways, this family engagement is the true beauty of these celebrations!

So, how DO you make your quinceañera somehow “different”? Obviously, it must feature something unique, something to reflect the “sparkle” and pizzazz of your precious little girl, something that people will be talking about – and envying – for quite some time! And, most importantly, it must include something that will make her eyes light up every time she remembers her special day.

And, as seasoned event professionals, we have something that fits this description perfectly: SPARKLERS! We’re not talking about some ordinary sparklers you may have grabbed from that seasonal fireworks stand, and put in a closet; we’re talking about premium, custom-designed pyrotechnics, to put the “sparkle” into your quinceañera. Just as you wouldn’t cut corners on anything else for your princess’ celebration, you don’t want to settle for cut-rate special effects!

Between our “long-stem” options, custom shapes and colors, guaranteed burn times, and being the ONLY sparkler many professional event photographers recommend, you KNOW you’re getting the best! You only have one chance to get it right, and if a featured element in your event turns out to be “disappointing” it will be something your teen may NEVER let you hear the end of. You can trust Buy Sparklers to bring the “sizzle” to your quinceañera…and create a memory she will cherish for a lifetime! Who knows, adding sparklers to a quinceañera could become your newest family tradition and make your teen’s event the benchmark OTHERS have to follow.

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