“Quiet” Can STILL Be Spectacular!

“Quiet” Can STILL Be Spectacular!

“Quiet” Can STILL Be Spectacular!   Honestly, EVERYONE feels stressed right now. Considering the uncertainty we all face worldwide these days, it’s surprising more people haven’t “snapped” under the circumstances! Now, imagine feeling this kind of anxiety EVERY day.

That’s right, your temporary stress and angst – whether over the current health situation or just about an upcoming event you’re trying to plan – represents a daily challenge for many people, even under the BEST of circumstances. And a “quiet” little designation, created to raise awareness, brings this particular topic into sharp focus!


Amid all of the “pandemic panic” it can be easy to overlook the “everyday” observances, like St. Patrick’s Day or the First Day of Spring… much less think about celebrations or events. So, it’s no wonder that Deaf History Month has slipped under our collective radar. As one of the “lesser” designated observances for March (well, actually it runs from March 13th through April 15th), most people probably have absolutely no idea this even exists!

As one of the “lesser” designated observances for March (well, actually it runs March 13th through April 15th), most people probably have absolutely no idea this even exists! So, at this point, you’re probably thinking, “What on earth does THIS have to do with sparklers?!?”  Glad you asked! Let’s face it, you put a LOT of thought and research into things people “hear” at events – music, toasts, DJs, vows, etc. But, aside from flowers and décor, what do you have for those with “sound” issues?  And, those “noisy” additions to your event can ALSO cause increased stress for others. Think of your special uncle who bravely served his country, and then came home with PTSD. What about your beloved grandparents, who use hearing aids?

Many amplified sounds can cause serious issues for those individuals. And don’t forget your sweet little nephew who you wanted to be your ring bearer, who also happens to have an autism spectrum diagnosis. For each and every one of these potential guests at your wedding or celebration, blaring music and fireworks can quickly turn your event into their worst nightmare!

So, have you given any thought to how your plans might affect these individuals… or even how to make your event more “inclusive” for these special guests? While they may have issues with loud DJs or celebratory fireworks, integrating a diverse use of sparklers – professionally designed specifically for these occasions – can allow them participate in the fun without the fear of having their condition(s) “triggered!”

We emphasize the “professionally designed” part because all sparklers are NOT created equal! The boxes you may find “on sale” at a roadside trailer, were never intended to be used around food, beverages or as “decorations.” They have a sole purpose: To offer a quick “flash in the pan” gone in the blink of an eye and quickly discarded.   And, don’t even get us started on the added safety issues! If you think some loud noises would spook SOME of your guests, imagine the aftermath of something – or some ONE – actually catching on fire at your celebration. Talk about an event ALL of your guests will remember for years. YIKES!!!

So, where you may have previously wanted an over-the-top, splashy event that “made some noise,” now you could be rethinking your plans… and possibly lamenting the lack of “pizazz” for your upcoming event. Never fear, with a wide selection of options, tailored specifically for events, available through Buy Sparklers, we can guarantee  that “Quiet” Can Still be Spectacular!  And exuberant, celebratory and SPECTACULAR!

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