Party Poppers

Red and blue party poppers

Party Poppers

Party Poppers, also known as champagne poppers, are so versatile they can be used at any indoor or outdoor event. Poppers are known for producing a popping sound when their cord is pulled. At the same time, they also release a beautiful array of colorful confetti paper or streamers that fly up into the air and then float back down.

Poppers can be used at birthday parties, anniversaries, New Year’s Eve, and graduation parties. They can also be used at weddings, barbecues, retirement, and office parties. They are the perfect item to have around just to surprise someone or to brighten their gloomy day.



Unlike other fireworks, poppers are also easy to transport. They are small enough to carry and easy to pack many at a time in a box or bag. This becomes very handy when you have many other decorations or items to bring to your event. They are also very light to handle and definitely worth the very small space they might take up in your car, box, or bag.

Poppers are also very safe for children to use. Kids seem to love the popping noise and are fascinated with all the colors they see after pulling the popper’s string. This is an easy and completely affordable way to add a bit of engaging and amusing fun to a child’s birthday or play-date. Children under age 8 should always be supervised when using these products

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