NOW Is The Time To Plant Some Springtime Sparkles!

NOW Is The Time To Plant Some Springtime Sparkles!

That cool snap in the air tells us one thing…it’s time for fall planting! Whether it’s putting in a classic fall garden, adding a splash of seasonal color, or getting a head-start on those future spring blooms and greenery, as we approach the wintertime dormancy there’s just something “hopeful” about planting.  NOW Is The Time To Plant Some Springtime Sparkles!


We know individuals who plan their entire year around their planting schedule…and we’re not talking barnyard-type farmers, here! Obviously, a healthy number of these folks DO have their own backyard gardens, sporting all manner of fresh edibles. In fact, some of us grew up with fond childhood memories of plucking a fresh piece of fruit or veggie for a quick outdoor snack from our parents’ garden. But, you only pick one of the brightly-colored little peppers ONCE!

However, a surprising number of gardeners may dabble in seasonings and spices, THEIR primary focus is almost exclusively ornamental or an incidentally-functional part of a carefully planned landscape. For these, it’s all about creating a carefully-designed organic image – filled with colors, textures, levels and artistry. Not only does the physical act of gardening provide a therapeutic outlet for the people, but they also get to enjoy the “fruits” of their labors within the fragrant, lush, serene oases they have created!

Ornamental garden designs have been featured in texts and illustrations going back millennia. C’mon…one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon! There’s a reason landscape architects never lack for work, especially in light of the new ways people are now looking at their homes and yards. Add to that the rising popularity of adding backyard “getaways” – think “She Sheds”…”Indoor-Outdoor Living”…and “ADUs.” And in EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of these examples, you always see thoughtfully-planned, carefully-executed, natural “garden” elements of some sort.

  Now, you may think we’re talking grand estates and exotic landscapes. Not so fast! A little imagination and some terra cotta pots is all it takes to create your own garden “getaway.” We’ve seen apartment and condo patios transformed into magical new “rooms” and the stereotypical suburban “blank canvas” can form the basis to create your personal masterpiece. And let’s not forget those most-diligent who tenderly cultivate their exotic orchids, aromatic roses and delicate bonsai trees. They ALL strive to bring a little piece of tranquility and beauty into their corner of the world.

Frequently, these garden spots incorporate the other three natural elements –fire, wind and water. Water features, wind chimes and sound bowls, and of course, outdoor lighting, fire pits and additional representations of the classic “fire” element, all figure heavily into these 21st Century gardens. And savvy gardeners take these into consideration when designing their spaces. So why not add some “sparkle” to those garden plans! You can craft unique holders specifically-designed to integrate sparklers into your botanical creation. Pinterest abounds with ideas to sprinkle in a little “razzle-dazzle” into your life…all of which can easily “spark” inspiration for outdoor spaces. This actually becomes EASIER for those with container gardens, who can make the holidays EXTRA special “twinkle” added to their poinsettia or seasonal plant-scapes.

Even spacing fall plantings with an eye to future “illumination” takes very little effort and can yield some serious “WOW” for those springtime garden parties! And while all of this may have caused a major mental shift in – and possibly made you entirely rethink your – fall garden planting, fortunately you have experts at your fingertips who can provide guidance in planning your landscape features.

So while you’re planting a little “hope” this autumn, why not also plant a few springtime “sparkles” to herald the fresh season! After all, if spring is the season of rebirth and light, then SHOULDN’T it be truly exuberant lighting?!?


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