Novelty Fireworks

Sparkler wedding exit

Novelty Fireworks

Sparklers, Champagne Party Poppers, Pop Pop Snappers are Novelty Fireworks

Novelty fireworks are smaller than many other fireworks. Fireworks are generally classified as to where they perform, either as a ground or aerial firework.  Most novelty fireworks perform on the ground, are held in the hand and are not shot up in the air.  Examples of novelty fireworks include sparklers, poppers, smoke balls, smoke crackers, snakes, snappers and other small pyrotechnic devices. These fireworks are all fun and safe to use with children, however, children should always be supervised.


Novelty Fireworks – More Information

Sparklers are one of the most popular novelty fireworks. They are great to use as favors for many different occasions such as the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, and weddings. We recommend metal wire wedding sparklers in sizes 10 inches, 14 inches, 20 inches and 36 inches.

Poppers are also very popular and are great to use as a favor at your next New Year’s Eve party, anniversary party, birthday party, bachelorette party, family reunion and many other celebrations throughout the year.  Party Poppers are also well known as Champagne Poppers.  Point each popper away from you (and your friends) and pull the string for a loud BANG and colorful streamers.

Pop Pop Snappers are a little boy’s dream on the 4th of July.  Give a kid an handful of snappers and he can’t wait to snap them on the ground.  These fun party favors are called “trick noisemakers,” and they are categorized by the federal government as novelties that are safe enough to be sold and used year-round.

Novelty fireworks have a shelf life of a couple of years, as long as you keep them dry.  Store them in a dark place away from heat and humidity. If you know you are going to want novelty fireworks around the busy fireworks seasons of New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July, then it might be a good idea to order them early if possible.

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