Get Ready for the New Years with Sparklers

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Get Ready for the New Years with Sparklers

Thinking about buying sparklers for New Years? What a fantastic idea! New Years sparklers are the perfect way to celebrate with friends and family as you countdown to 2020. Whether you are looking to light up the night or simply enjoy your time with your loved ones, you can never go wrong with a sparklers celebration.

BuySparklers offers a wide variety of sparklers to use for special events such as weddings, wend-offs, Diwali, and really any special event. New Years is one of those special times when sparklers are absolutely a must!

Here are a few types you can use to celebrate:

      Bottle Sparklers

      36 inch sparklers

      20 inch sparklers

      Party Poppers

Best New Years Sparklers

Bottle Sparklers

If you’re going to celebrate 2020, why not do it in style? Go ahead and pop open those bottles of champagne with some “pizazz”! These kind of sparklers offer a bright way to present your celebration bottles and glasses. Champagne bottle sparklers are attached to a special clip that is placed on the neck of the bottle, and offer eye-catching appeal to anyone looking to be served a glass of bubbly. Perfect for parties and businesses!



36 inch Sparklers

For long longest sparklers, consider 36” sparklers from BuySparklers.com. These are high quality items with a total burn time of 4 minutes. That gives plenty of time for pictures, fun, and the countdown if you light one at 11:56 p.m. Offering the best quality long stem sparklers you can find in the United States, consider capturing the moment with BuySparklers.com.



20 inch Sparklers

Our 20” sparklers have a shorter burn time and are perfect for the kids or anyone looking to try one out. These items have a total burn time of 2 minutes and a great for sparklers in bulk for larger groups or families on a budget. Just like the 36 inch sparklers, they retain their high quality by featuring a metal wire rod to reduce smoke and ash.



Party Poppers

Also known as champagne poppers, these miniature paper streamers can be used for any occasion, especially for New Years! Not only are they easy to use, their popping sound makes for a great noisemaker when looking to make a real POP into the New Year. These items are great for kids and adults alike!



Don’t forget your Metal Galvanized Bucket!

Our metal galvanized buckets are meant to be used for proper sparkler disposal. You’ll need to fill it with sand or water to properly extinguish your sparklers.


Make your New Year’s Eve a perfect, unforgettable moment with some of the best and most affordable sparklers we have to offer. Whether you’re looking for something beautiful and magical, or seeking something noisy and loud, bottle sparklers, party poppers and traditional sparklers make for the most entertaining items to use on New Year’s Eve. Be sure to take some amazing pictures!

Happy Holidays and remember; there’s no better place to buy sparklers than at BuySparklers.com

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