New Orleans Weddings are Steeped in Tradition

NOLA wedding

New Orleans Weddings are Steeped in Tradition

New Orleans Weddings are Steeped in Tradition:  If you have ever visited New Orleans, you can attest to a particular feeling that, ‘There’s just something about this place’. There is a vibrancy and zest for life in this city which few other locales can claim. New Orleans is steeped in a history that brings together visitors and locals alike in a love affair with tradition. There is a something here for everyone; whether you are exploring the French Quarter for the very first time, picnicking on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain or second-lining at your best-friend’s wedding, you have just got to find your favorite celebration.

Weddings, like many things in the Big Easy, are honest to God parties – and probably the best you will ever attend. For anyone who has danced behind a beaming bride with her umbrella bouncing and twirling while the guests wave handkerchiefs and napkins, well, you already know. To anyone who has not, find a wedding and get in line!



If it is your wedding you are planning in NOLA it’s time to pull out all the stops. Maybe it will include a reception at the Court of Two Sisters, a landmark in New Orleans fine dining, or perhaps the whole affair will take place floating on the Mississippi River aboard the Steamboat Natchez. Regardless of the venue this Crescent City wedding is sure to be one for the books.



If you are looking to up the ante on your big day you may want to consider brightening things up with sparklers – a wedding trend that is all the rage right now. Imagine your guests lighting up heart shaped sparklers as you say your ‘I do’s’ while the sun sets on the Mighty Mississippi. Perhaps you would rather spice up your celebratory champagne toast with a bottle sparkler. If you are looking for a reliable company to provide you with sparklers, BuySparklers.com sells a wide variety of quality products for weddings and any other occasion that might need some extra flare! Whatever way you decide to use them, sparklers will surely be the finishing touch that makes your New Orleans wedding perfect.

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