Neon Sparklers

Neon Sparklers

BuySparklers.com is so excited to announce that we now have #14 Neon Sparklers!  If you are looking for a fun way to add color to your party or event, you need to checkout our neon sparklers.  They are fun, and bring vibrant colors when lit.

#14 Inch Neon Sparklers in action

Each sleeve will contain 1 pink neon sparkler, 1 green neon sparkler, 1 orange neon sparkler and 1 blue neon sparkler.  1 order will contain 5 sleeves which gives 20 neon sparklers.  They are cost effective at .31 cents per sparkler.


These sparklers are different from our regular gold sparklers, when the neon sparklers are lit, the flame glows a neon color – not the sparks.  We do NOT recommend these sparklers for a wedding due to the how smoky they are.  The color pigment causes a lot more smoke than our gold wedding and party sparklers.  The smoke will show up in photos.   They do have a metal wire, so you do not have to worry about it ashing off and embers flying around.  They are just as safe as any of our wire sparklers.

Due to the color pigment, these sparklers are a bit harder to light.  You will need to light them with a BBQ lighter or a candle will do the trick as well.  A match or regular lighter will not be strong enough to light these sparklers.  When you get the first sparkler lit, use that sparkler to light the other sparklers.  Just dip unlit sparklers into the lit sparkler and you will light up the night fast!

As with any sparkler event, we recommend having a bucket filled with water or sand nearby to dispose of the used sparklers.  Having someone grab the wrong end of a sparkler will damper the party atmosphere.  It also makes it easier for clean up having all the used sparklers in one spot.

Call 888-990-8939 or send us an email at info@buysparklers.com with any questions about our new sparklers.

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