Memorial Day Traditions

Memorial Day Traditions

Memorial Day Traditions.  This special holiday is set aside to remember and honor all of those who died serving our country during war. With the 3 day weekend, the true meaning of this holiday has gotten a little lost.  In 1915 Moina Michael conceived the idea to wear red poppies on this day to symbolize the blood of the heroes who died.  This tradition later spread to the VFW who now sell the poppies for charity this time of year.

For me, we have always celebrated Memorial Day with family and friends gathered around the BBQ.  My family is big on traditions, so certain things will take place without a doubt.  I can always count on hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled corn on the cob, lots of music blaring while playing games of washers and kids splashing in the pool.

Holiday Sparklers
The end of the night my dad always makes his annual speech about all the men and women serving our country and we say a prayer for their safe return home.  I am not sure why, but we always light sparklers after he makes his speech.  This Memorial Day Tradition has been around since I was a child and we have always looked forward to it.  As a child, we knew as soon as he finished talking we could light the sparklers.… As an adult I still look forward to the holiday sparklers, but I now really cherish his speech and the meaning behind it.  Today I add to the tradition by including Pop Pop Snappers and Champagne Party Poppers to the festivities.  I hope these new Memorial Day Traditions will be passed down through my children in the years to come.
I hope everyone has a safe, fun Memorial Day and if you know a veteran, or an active member of the military or can recall  someone who fought for our country and passed on, take a moment to consider their sacrifice.  We are all better off for it!

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