May We Propose An “Illuminating” Option?

May We Propose An “Illuminating” Option?

May We Propose An “Illuminating” Option? 

Once upon a time, when a boy liked a girl he simply asked her to the prom, homecoming or to marry him …and that was the full extent of the “proposal.” Fast forward to the last couple of decades, and now the WAY you propose to that special someone is as important as the actual question!

And even though most social gatherings – such as proms and weddings – have been put on-hold for the foreseeable future due to the current pandemic, it’s never too early to start thinking about HOW you will make your “prom-posal,” or upcoming engagement plans, special when things get back to normal.

Now, while you may understand the need to make an “ask” memorable, the whole “prom-posal” trend may have you wondering about this particular phenomenon. But, in fact, the “prom-posal” has become a BIG deal… right down to even having its own “day” officially designated as March 11th: National Prom-posal Day!

And, not to be outdone by the newest generation of couples, those looking to cement their relationship with a permanent partner now have their own observance: National Proposal Day, a little later in the month, on the 20th of March.  But truthfully, no matter what you may be asking your significant other, gone are the days when dinner out in a nice (or favorite) restaurant will suffice!

Remember those Jumbotron proposals? What was once considered genuinely spectacular is now simply passé …or even cringe-worthy! Remember those sitcom reactions – as far back as the early 2000s – when a character literally cringed in a proposal storyline? Definitely NOT the reaction you were hoping for. And, an even more important point, you don’t want (or need) to break the bank on these proposals. After all, you will have a prom or wedding to pay for shortly.

This may rule out skywriting, hiring a celebrity, staging an elaborate flash mob, or a whole host of any other “over-the-top” ideas you’ve seen or imagined. However, remaining budget-conscious does NOT mean you need to settle for an “ordinary” proposal! AND, if you do have the funds to stage one of those previously-mentioned spectacles, why not add an “unexpected” element to REALLY take it “over-the-top!”

Certainly, if you plan to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage, you will need a real “sparkler” ready to present to your intended. But, have you thought about adding even MORE “sparkle” to your proposal? After all, you only plan to do this once, so why not up the ante with customized sparklers to compliment that sparkling gem in a little blue box?!?  And despite the exclusive premium-quality “twinkle” you can get from us at BuySparklers.com, we can guarantee they WON’T carry a Tiffany-blue price tag!

So, you can be sure to “dazzle,” even if your ring budget fell a bit short of Tiffany’s! And with our promise of a minimum four-minute burn time for EVERY ONE of our #36 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers, you will also have time to capture that special moment in photos.

will you marry me spelled out in sparklers

C’mon, admit it, wouldn’t you like YOUR marriage or prom proposal to go viral?!? Imagine …you could be the latest trendsetter, setting the bar for everyone else who has to follow your class-act. And while you may find this idea appealing, you could have absolutely NO idea where to even start. Never fear, our professionals are here to help you create the PERFECT “ask” personally tailored to you, as a couple. So let us “illuminate” a unique way for YOU to propose – be it marriage OR prom!



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