Look Who Made It on the “Say Yes! Wedding Checklist”

Say Yes Wedding Checklist

Look Who Made It on the “Say Yes! Wedding Checklist”

Look Who Made It on the “Say Yes! Wedding Checklist” !  We are thrilled that we made this checklist for OK! Magazine!

Don’t be fooled by other 36-inch sparklers that actually burn for less than 3 minutes! We secret shopped the competition and our #36 sparklers are the brightest and burn the longest – the best quality you can find in the USA. A breathtaking addition to your event!

Results from our Secret Shopper:  We secret shopped our competitors and found that our #36 Inch Sparklers are the highest quality available in the US.  Our sparklers have the strongest wires and burn the brightest and longest.  Our sparklers are also packed the most secure to keep them safe from damage in transit.  Other websites advertise #36-inch sparklers that have thinner wires, less powder down the length of the wire, and burn for less than 3 minutes.  You cannot find a better quality long stem sparkler anywhere else!


High Quality Sparklers for Weddings: We are the premier place to buy wedding sparklers on line, but don’t just take our word for it….. Many event venues will only allow our sparklers because our sparklers are superior quality, produce very little smoke and will not ash off.  Don’t risk cheaper sparklers for your special day and receive sparklers that won’t light or produce very little sparks.


How Many Sparklers Do You Need?  We recommend ordering enough for 1 sparkler per person plus several extras for staged pictures with your photographer. Guests will be thrilled to participate in your send off. And with a little coordination with your photographer, the energy and dramatic lighting of the moment creates amazing photographs.  


Step by Step Wedding Send Off:  First, ask a team of helpers to hand out sparklers to your guests and direct guests to create a wide tunnel to give the bride and groom enough room to “dash” out. Next, plan to light the first sparklers with a butane or barbecue lighter (a match isn’t strong enough). Then, guests can dip unlit sparklers into a lit sparkler to pass quickly through the crowd. It will be a glamorous and exciting grand exit.

Help Guests Dispose Properly:  Be sure wedding guests can easily discard their burnt sparklers nearby. Plan on having a metal bucket nearby filled with sand or water so the sparklers can be disposed of safely.

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