Location, Location, Location…It Counts For Real Estate AND Events!

Location, Location, Location…It Counts For Real Estate AND Events!

Location, Location, Location…It Counts For Real Estate AND Events!   If you’ve EVER shopped for a home – or spent hours watching HGTV – then you know it’s ALLLLL about “location, location, location.” You can change floorplans, you can change the décor, you can change the exterior and landscaping, but you cannot change WHERE that home is located… and the same applies to WHERE you hold your next event!

Some locations hold special memories or meanings for individuals and couples, alike, and they want to somehow include these on their special day. And, especially for weddings, this can result in some “over-the-top” venues for their nuptials!


A classic example can be seen in the movie “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blondewhere our heroine wants to fulfill the dream of her fiancé to be married at the “Green Monster” of Fenway Park. And while this is a piece of Hollywood fiction, you may not realize this IS possible… and it’s not just baseball fields! If you live and die for your favorite team, chances are you CAN be married at their athletic venue.

Most of these locations actually have options for private events, complete with premier in-house catering and professional event planners to aid you in coordinating all of the details.


But, these “sporty” spots represent just the TIP of the “location” iceberg! Let’s revisit another movie bride: Carrie Bradshaw… who found her perfect wedding location at the New York City Public Library, in the first Sex And The City movie. As a writer, this venue simply “spoke” to Carrie – who had no idea this location was even available for events, until a serendipitous encounter brought this option to her attention. Honestly, breathtaking architecture can be found in almost EVERY city!

Imagine exchanging your vows amid pieces of original artwork in a museum, or in a historic mansion or landmark building you’ve always admired. Let’s face it, EVERY bride wants a “unique” venue for her wedding… something to set the couple’s special day apart from every other ceremony! And for those who DO crave that “one-of-a-kind” location, you’re only limited by your imagination.


For those who live for travel, how about exchanging your “I do” amid planes, trains or boats?!? YOU CAN! How about a vintage train that takes you and your party through the wine country of Napa Valley? Does sailing across the Delaware Bay appeal to your inner sailor? Or do you possibly yearn to be surrounded by reminders of flying off into the wild blue yonder? Surprise… there’s a venue that fits you to a “T!”


If you can dream it, chances are there’s an “unexpected” location for your wedding or event. And, for the ULTIMATE in “glitz and glamour” you can even rent the Las Vegas mansion of Liberace!

Speaking of “glitz” (c’mon, you KNEW this was coming)… if you’ve planned every other detail of your event to create an unparalleled experience, it wouldn’t be complete without a full array of premium sparklers! A “sparkling” send-off from the docks or train platform provides the PERFECT end to your perfect day. We guarantee not only the quality of our party embellishments, but that people will be talking about YOUR event for years… and spend hours (or days) wracking their brains for something as spectacular!


And, regardless of what venue may “speak” to you for your next event, our experienced event consultants can work “hand-in-glove” with you to ensure that YOUR location will not leave you with buyer’s (or event locale) remorse!

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