Lighting The Path To A New Horizon for Funerals

Lighting The Path To A New Horizon for Funerals

Lighting The Path To A New Horizon for Funerals.   As the wise sage, Ben Franklin, said: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”… although some folks have TRIED to sidestep that government requirement, no one has figured out how to avoid the first one, yet!

So, just as we mark other milestones, the human race has also sought ways to honor this final rite of passage throughout all of recorded history. It gives those left behind some sense of closure, while simultaneously assuaging any subconscious “guilt” for surviving their loved one.  And, we tend to do this with varying degrees of pomp, circumstance and fanfare. Think about the Egyptians – who prepared for their ultimate demise for their ENTIRE lives – and in the case of pharaohs, frequently long PAST the time they actually moved on to a higher plane! Those pyramids and golden crypts weren’t built overnight!

Or, consider the Jewish custom of sitting “shiva” for their loved ones… investing seven days immediately following the funeral into their initial mourning period, followed by a second, 30-day, continuation of religious prayers known as “shloshim.”

Probably among the most well-known of these rituals would be the Irish wake. Although an outgrowth of the original Catholic tradition of holding a “wake” for the departed, it has now become an epic, quintessential, Irish hallmark… just as no Scottish memorial would be complete without bagpipes!  Every civilization, every religion, every culture has marked a passage in their own unique way, with a staggering range of funereal traditions and rituals. And each is designed to offer comfort to the family and friends left behind, while also following their beliefs that it will ease their loved one’s transition into the afterlife.

These customs take a variety of forms, but some of the most memorable, are also among the most joyous! As previously mentioned, a good ol’ fashioned Irish wake rattles the rafters with laughter, merriment and fond memories. And, who could ignore the pure exuberance of a classic New Orleans “second line” procession accompanying the departed to their final resting place?!?

Now, we would be remiss if we neglected to mention one of the most iconic ancient rituals, the Viking funeral. A pyrotechnic display also adopted by other cultures for many centuries. Talk about going out in a “blaze of glory!” But, in all seriousness, along with mourning and missing the one who is no longer across the table, or around the corner, or even someone you may not have seen in years, each of these ceremonies also includes elements to CELEBRATE their life.

And, in this spirit of celebration – AND marking their transition to another existence – more and more people are opting for a more tangible way to mark this moment. Yep… you guessed it… with sparklers! Who’d have thought?!?

Yet, we get a surprising number of requests at BuySparklers.com for appropriate products to help “light the way” for their loved ones! Whether an arch, or “LOVE” spelled out in sparkling letters, or even just as replacements for mourner candles, it seems more and more people have borrowed a piece of the Viking pyrotechnic history.

Unlike weddings or birthdays or other more “festive” occasions, we know you may not have a lot of time to pull together all of the arrangements. But, if you choose to add “illumination” to your memorial for a loved one, we have a Rapid Ship Promise, so you can focus on other details!

We understand this can be difficult time, and our sole purpose is to help you choose whatever may be right for YOUR family and friends! But, if you decide that lighting the path for your loved one’s journey to new horizons would be a welcome new tradition, we can guarantee it will be the perfect memorial… because YOU chose it!



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