Let’s Start That New Chapter With FLAIR!

Let’s Start That New Chapter With FLAIR!

Let’s Start That New Chapter With FLAIR!  Back in the “olden days” retirement signaled an end… an end to professional “usefulness,” an end to “activity,” and usually, an end to life. This period used to be nicknamed the “sunset years” as those over a certain age were simply expected to ride off into the sunset for one last time. YIKES!!!

So, there you had Granny and Gramps quietly sitting on their porch, whiling away their “final days” rocking endlessly, watching the Weather Channel for diversion and MAYBE baking a few cookies or cupcakes – if they could just muster the energy.  To borrow a phrase from the 70s that your grandparents are QUITE familiar with: “You’ve come a LONG WAY, Baby!” Unwilling to go quietly into that good night, today’s “seniors” have adopted NEW catchphrases, like “50 is the new 30, 60 is the new 40 and 70 is the new 50!”  C’mon, when you have the original “Easy Rider” doing commercials for “active retirement accounts” a few years ago, you know retirement has certainly CHANGED!

Just as they revolutionized consumer markets, social change and career paths, Baby Boomers (and following very closely on their heels, Gen Xers) have redefined not only chronological age perceptions, but the whole “retirement” concept. And, it RARELY involves quietly disappearing into professional, social and physical oblivion.

Back in the day, retirees would be given a sedate send-off, a nice gold watch, and a pat on the back as they left life, as they had known it for DECADES, behind. Hmmm…maybe that’s where they got the idea to call these the “golden years”?!?  Enter the NEW retirement! Increasingly, those who “retire” from their primary professional pursuits now use this freedom and opportunity to begin their “Chapter Two” – or, in some cases they have been reinventing themselves for years and this signals a start to their “Chapter Three” or even “Chapter Four!”

Turning hobbies into businesses, traveling the world, going back to school, following their athletic passions, more and more frequently are taking the place of those sedate “rocking chair” days.  Honestly, if today’s retirees are willing to rewrite the story of retirement, shouldn’t we be open to embracing new ways to celebrate this new chapter in their lives? Forget the dour gathering that acts more like a trial run for their funeral, and add enough pizzazz to befit their newly-chosen path! And, yes, you guessed it… what better way to celebrate this new beginning than with “be-sparkled” festivities featuring the stunning array of options from BuySparklers.com.

Plus, this presents a perfect chance for Nana and Pops to share their exciting news with “Insta-worthy” photos. Yes – they do have social media accounts, and are very active online! This is the generation who PIONEERED tech, so it should come as no surprise that they are the fastest-growing demographic for social media, streaming programming, and online activity. Again, these folks are NOT your parents’ grandfathers and mothers!

So light those sparklers, pop that champagne cork, celebrate that “next chapter” and help the retirees in your life mark the many “flair-filled” years to come!

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