Let’s Do A “Deep-Dive” On “SURPRISE!”

Let’s Do A “Deep-Dive” On “SURPRISE!”

Let’s Do A “Deep-Dive” On “SURPRISE!”  – It’s been awhile since we’ve indulged our inner “word nerd”… after all, if we don’t let her out OCCASIONALLY, she gets cranky! So today, we explored a word we all use quite frequently – but, that has gotten an increasingly “dubious” reputation, as we become older and maybe a bit more jaded. That word? “SURPRISE!”

Remember when you were a kid, and the VERY BEST thing that could happen in your day, was getting a “surprise”?!? In truth, we could be Richie Petrie (from the old Dick Van Dyke Show…RIP Carl Reiner), who was THRILLED when his Dad gave him a rock, a chewing gum wrapper and some lint from his pocket upon returning home from work one day.

See, it mattered less WHAT he got, and more about just getting a “surprise.” Yet, somewhere along the road from those halcyon days of suburban 1960s, they somehow took a negative turn!

Word Nerd Alert! We checked a list of the most common synonyms for the word surprise… and the results were, well, “surprising” to say the least.


  • ASTONISHMENT – well, that’s a positive start
  • SHOCK – Hmmm, things have begun to turn
  • ALARM – It certainly didn’t take long to get here
  • INTERRUPT – Oh, yeah…everyone wants to be interrupted!
  • Even Merriam-Webster has jumped on the “calamity” bandwagon: “1a: an attack made without warning. b: a taking unawares. 2: something that surprises. 3: the feeling caused by something unexpected or unusual.”

YIKES… an ATTACK!?! These days especially, it seems NOBODY wants to encounter something “unexpected” or “surprising.” And, we DO understand. Everyone wants to feel as if they have some sort of control in their life.

However, this ALSO means we sacrifice the opportunity to once again embrace our spontaneity and child-like wonder! But we’ve got to ponder…. is this actually a fair trade?

Before you answer this rhetorical question, let’s explore the ORIGINAL meaning of surprise:

“From Middle English surprise, borrowed from Middle French surprise (“an overtake”), nominal use of the past participle of Old French sorprendre (“to overtake”), from sor- (“over”) + prendre (“to take”), from Latin super- + Latin prendere, contracted from prehendere (“to grasp, seize”)

SHOCKING… the whole idea originally behind a “surprise” was to “overtake” someone with emotion! And, we’d like to think that intent was a POSITIVE sensation. My, how times have changed!

So, we’re long overdue in RECLAIMING that wonder, joy and love. With so many “unexpected” things happening around us, don’t we all DESERVE some pleasantries in our life?!? Whether it’s a spontaneous treat for your family or friends, or something for your coworkers or neighbors, we can provide the IDEAL surprises to put more SMILES back into life’s little “surprises!”

And don’t feel limited by birthdays or parties, EVERY day offers an opportunity to share a few “pleasant surprises”… and our team members are EXPERTS at creating the very best surprises! Just reach out to us, and you’ll even be delighted when you open those “sparkling” surprises delivered right to your doorstep – because, as every kid KNOWS, nothing is better than a “surprise!”

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