Keep Calm and Sparkle On!

Keep Calm and Sparkle On!

Keep Calm and Sparkle On!  We know the current social climate has thrown many plans into a state of limbo, leaving their planners in a state of panic. Brides and grooms have no idea if their family and friends will even be able to travel to upcoming weddings… assuming that local authorities will lift bans on gatherings of more than a few people!

And, this isn’t just happening to you…even the Royal Family has been left hanging, waiting to see the outcome of this pandemic before finalizing plans for the upcoming nuptials of Princess Beatrice! So, at this point, you have a couple of choices if your wedding plans have been derailed or delayed by this coronavirus.

Your first – and possibly the most obvious – option, would be to completely freak-out and morph into a total “Bridezilla!” And, in light of the purely emotional nature of any wedding, this would be understandable. However, consider this: Outbursts and overloads will only lead to puffy eyes, blotchy skin and… GASP… possible stress eating. Honestly, is THIS the mental picture you had of yourself as a bride?!?

Fortunately, this does NOT have to be you! Depending upon where you might be in your current stage of planning, you could have the option for wedding insurance. And THIS will be the best investment you can make in these uncertain times. However, be aware that all policies do have a cut-off timetable prior to your scheduled date.

That said, you STILL have options even a few weeks out…and dependent upon exactly how much money you’re spending on all of the wedding preparations, insurance to secure that investment represents a small drop in the bucket. Remember, you get what you pay for. And, is protecting the most special day of your life the time you want to pinch pennies?!? Ensuring this day is everything you always imagined, calls for “premium” options!

Now, insurance or not, the BEST response to this situation is simple communication! Confer with your wedding party. Update your officiant. Stay in regular contact with your venue(s)…and this includes not only the ceremony itself, but also your reception AND rehearsal dinner sites. And, finally, TALK TO YOUR VENDORS!

Some will be in a better position to adapt to ever-changing timelines than others. Others – such as printers, calligraphers, musicians and DJs, block reservations at lodging, engraved gifts for attendants, and alterations for wedding party attire – will require more than a few days’ notice. Again, frequently you will find those initial “bargain” options in your vendor choices to be a lot less flexible and nimble in adapting to your changing arrangements…requiring additional time to accommodate your new schedule or even cancelling completely!


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