“Just Because” IS A Good Reason

“Just Because” IS A Good Reason

“Just Because” IS A Good Reason.   We’ve all heard the inspirational platitudes…”Carpe Diem”… “YOLO”… “Stop and smell the roses.” And during these unusual circumstances from COVID-19,  these phrases have taken on a fresh perspective and personal meaning for everyone currently locked down on quarantine.

Although this has been a HUGE inconvenience and caused major financial hardships for many, surprisingly some positive things HAVE come out of this “interesting” situation!  People have become more mindful of those around them, individuals and organizations have stepped-up to provide comfort and aid to those hurting most, and most folks have found pleasure in the leisurely time spent with loved ones.

So even though many of our traditional festive events and rituals HAVE been canceled or delayed, we can STILL find something to celebrate every day, if we will just slow down, and make an effort to see the glory all around us!  Your garden has started to bloom? Celebrate! The letter carrier brought you a thoughtful note from a distant friend? (And yes, people DO still write letters!) Celebrate! Your preschooler put their shoes on the right feet? Celebrate! You saw a nest of baby birds on your walk around the neighborhood? That’s right – CELEBRATE!

And, let’s be honest. Aren’t the BEST gifts and gestures those that come “out of the blue”? Think about the last time someone sent you flowers for absolutely no reason. It wasn’t your birthday or anniversary or a special holiday… it was “just because.”  Didn’t that just make your day?!? Knowing someone thought of you and then ACTED on it, touches our hearts and lives unlike anything else.

So, don’t we all REALLY need those bright spots in our days right now?!? If we’ve learned nothing else from the current social climate, we’ve embraced the importance of human connection and finding the “little” things to be grateful for daily.

NOW, more than ever, we need to celebrate life! And, these jubilant moments don’t have to be “big,” expensive, elaborate affairs… remember the old saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” And, with a wide variety of celebratory sparklers and party poppers from BuySparklers.com, you can brighten any day WITHOUT breaking the bank!


Hey, you woke up this morning, so CELEBRATE Thursday! Trust us… these small, unexpected, moments can make the MOST indelible impression. So embrace the “just because” opportunities EVERY day and keep a supply of “sparkling” reminders on hand. You’ll find yourself actually LOOKING for things to celebrate! And, isn’t that what makes life truly worth living?

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