4th of July Party Favors

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4th of July Party Favors

Sparklers, Party Poppers and Pop Pop Snappers are the Perfect 4th of July Party Favors

The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays of the year.  Not just because we sell sparklers, party poppers and pop pop snappers, which are closely associated with the holiday.  But because we have great memories of our own 4th of July celebrations over the years.  In my home town, my whole family would go into the town square to watch the 4th of July parade.  After the parade, we would either host or attend a 4th of July party or picnic with friends and family.
Finally, at dusk, we would go to the local fairgrounds to watch the big fireworks display.

Sparkler and American flag

Sparklers were always perfect favors at these 4th of July parties.  It was so much fun to watch friends and cousins run around the yard after dark with the beautiful glowing rods.  We would make shapes and even try to write our names in the sky.  We always looked forward to using sparklers for 4th of July. 

Poppers are a great 4th of July favor for anytime of day.  While sparklers look their best outside and after dark, poppers can be just as fun indoors or out and during the day.  Just pull the string and tiny rolls of confetti paper stream out of the small plastic bottle-shaped container while making a “popping” sound.

Pop Pop Snappers are a little boy’s dream on the 4th of July.  Give a kid an handful of snappers and he can’t wait to snap them on the ground.  These fun party favors are called “trick noisemakers,” and they are categorized by the federal government as novelties that are safe enough to be sold and used year-round.

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