Expert Advice on Wedding Sparklers

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Expert Advice on Wedding Sparklers

Many wedding planners and brides tell us that sparklers give a unique and heart-warming feeling to any wedding, no matter what the setting or time of year. We receive lots of questions from customers about how to best use sparklers and some couples are admittedly a little nervous about how to use sparklers at their own wedding. Years of experience have helped Jo Maravilla, founder of Maravilla Gardens, ease the worries of apprehensive couples. She says the key is to stay organized! We talked with Jo and asked her to share her expert advice on wedding sparklers:

 What would you say to brides and grooms that may be apprehensive using sparklers?
· I would tell them that we totally control the situation. Everything is very well organized, down to what they will do with the sparkler once it is finished. It is so fun to walk down that “tunnel” and see in the light of the sparklers, the faces of all who love you and who have celebrated with you. I also tell them that they absolutely love their pictures from the sparkler exit – they will never get a picture like this again!
What specific tips would you have for brides-to-be working with sparklers?
· Make sure that you have experienced helpers. We think the #14 gold sparklers are a perfect size to get the job done. Remember to not give out the sparklers too early…guests might light them before the bride and groom are ready!
· For a crowd of guests between 75 and 150, we use three helpers (one to pass out the sparklers, and one at each end of the line). Above 150, we usually add two more people.
· We line the area in which we do the sparklers with votive candles on stands. Once it is time to light up, we ask guests to turn around and ignite the sparkler using the candle and then light each other’s sparkler. Lighting one sparkler to another works the fastest. Once they are lit, we have the couple pass through. When we see the end of the sparklers working, we bring out between 2 and 4 buckets for guests to safely dispose the sparklers.
Our special thanks to Jo for all of her insight and sharing a few safety tips. You can find Jo and Maravilla Gardens in Southern California and see many photographs of their gorgeous facility on their website at http://www.mgardens.com/
If you decide sparklers are right for your wedding, we here at BuySparklers.com have a wide array of sparklers to suit your special occasion. And we are always available to answer any question you may have! Just send an email to Nicole at info@buysparklers.com.

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