Isn’t It About Time To Celebrate “Quitting”?

Isn’t It About Time To Celebrate “Quitting”?

Isn’t It About Time To Celebrate “Quitting”?   We’ve all heard it… “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” As a species, we are genetically coded to “win;” as Darwin first noted, it’s a primal need for survival and then, as we culturally evolved, just the feeling you get when you “won” gives us an overwhelming rush of endorphins!

It’s one of the few areas we tend to see in stark black-and-white, free from those many shades of gray that fill our daily lives. There are “winners”… and, we didn’t even have to finish saying it, you already heard “and there are losers.”

But, how did “quitting” automatically get pigeonholed into the “loser” category?!?

Go with us here a minute. Sometimes “quitting” can be the best thing to ever happen to someone! Think about it…

Don’t we encourage and heartily congratulate someone who has quit an unhealthy habit, such as smoking or drinking to excess, or even overindulging on snack foods!

Now, let’s take that to a more intangible level. Someone you care about is being used and manipulated by a toxic “friend.” You watch as they repeatedly betray your loved one, who continues to accept this person’s excuses or rationales. Then, one day, the truth becomes undeniable and your dear friend FINALLY walks away from that harmful relationship and can start truly enjoying life again. In our book, that’s DEFINITELY a cause for celebration!

And, how about your best friend, who married quickly – possibly without really knowing their future spouse – and has no idea their mate is now having multiple affairs. You watch as the future train-wreck unfolds, just hoping your friend gets the chance to know what REAL love looks like.

Don’t you applaud when they decide “enough is enough” and they “quit” this unfaithful marriage?

In fact, just as gender reveal parties and “prom-posals” have become a genuine social trend, so have “Divorce Parties!” Why NOT celebrate the beginning of this new chapter, full of hope and promise for the future?

Regardless of whether you’ve ever been married – or divorced – or left another relationship, there’s ONE “quit” most of us have either done or dreamed about! That moment of sheer relief when you gave notice to (or maybe just walked out of) the… DUN-DUN-DUN… “Job From Hell!” From the boss who never bothered to learn your name or the coworker who shoved all their work onto you, to the grueling hours without a raise in over two years, we’ve ALLLL been there. And “quitting” is the smartest, most strategic, healthiest thing you’ve done in a long time – which leads to you being, wait for it, a WINNER!

And, there you are! Sometimes winners DO “quit” and those who choose to leave something negative behind actually DO win. And these moments, these “quitters,” most assuredly DESERVE a celebration. They’ve stepped out of the “darkness” in their lives and what better way to welcome them into the “light” than with their own personal LIGHT SHOW of sparklers?! So, let’s change our mindsets and finally start to celebrate those unsung “quitters!”

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