If You Liked It, You Should Put A “Pin” On It!

If You Liked It, You Should Put A “Pin” On It!

If You Liked It, You Should Put A “Pin” On It!   Recently, we put “Corona Crafts” into the spotlight – demonstrating exactly where just a little imagination, a small budget and a few sparklers, can lead. However, we just touched on the tip of this creativity “iceberg!”


And, even if you don’t think of yourself as either “talented” or “crafty,” inspiration abounds for those wanting to put some personalized “sparkle” into their lives and events… quite a few falling into that “no-craft-skills-whatsoever-required” category! You don’t have to believe US – just a quick tour around Pinterest provides the proof.


Of course, we will ALWAYS be a source for original and EXTRA-ordinary ideas! In fact, we get regular emails from Pinterest shining a “sparkling” light on the myriad ideas incorporating pyrotechnics.


From personalized place card holders and centerpieces for events, to unique home décor ideas, you can find something to “bedazzle” your life. And, it doesn’t stop there.


They’re all there, just waiting for you (or your “talented” friend) to bring to life. But, if you’re anything like US, you draw a blank when it comes time to actually DO something creative! You know you saw an awesome idea “somewhere”… but once you find the time, you can’t seem to remember exactly WHERE you saw it.

Problem solved – as soon as you see something you like, remember to put a “pin” on it. We even make it EASY for you, with our OWN page on Pinterest. And, unlike most retailers, we actually encourage you to “steal” our ideas!

And, while you may not be a paint and hot glue gun enthusiast or expert, don’t despair. All it takes is either your smartphone or a simple digital camera, to create something truly spectacular! Capturing those “sparkling” moments in photos, and then incorporating those images into a variety of formats, can yield some Pinterest-worthy results. Even if you’re unsure of your skills, tutorials abound to help you take those breathtaking photographs of those fleeting sparkler displays.


This allows YOU to create gifts that will CONTINUE to amaze the recipients… and let them relive the pleasure over and over, again! Imagine the delight of someone who receives a simple card featuring a sparkler image YOU created… and all it took was a photo, a printer and some pre-formatted cards!


Or, if even THIS “crafty” option may be more than you think you can tackle, you can go the “some assembly required” route. Take containers you like – or that may coordinate with your event or home decorations – and partially fill them with something visually-engaging to hold your sparklers. If you take colored sand or gravel, metallic confetti or colored stones, then place in unique jars, glasses or even metal buckets, and VOILA you have created something special!

So now that you’ve got those creative juices flowing, all you need is the right premium sparklers in all shapes, sizes and colors, to make your vision come to life! Of course, if you want even MORE ideas or some assistance to incorporate a little “pizzazz” into your life, our experts stand ready to help… just give us a call or drop us an email to start the conversation about how you can create something truly memorable. Who knows, YOUR imagination could inspire someone ELSE to “put a ‘Pin’ on it!”


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