If “It’s The Thought That Counts” How Thoughtful Are YOU?!?

If “It’s The Thought That Counts” How Thoughtful Are YOU?!?

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly”… “Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of clay”… “Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind”… yep, it’s THAT time of year! Okay, we may be jumping the gun JUST a bit. But – believe it or not – it IS almost time to think about those holiday gifts for your valued clients and patrons!  If “It’s The Thought That Counts” How Thoughtful Are YOU?!?

And even though we’re all taught as children that “it’s the thought that counts,” in reality the people who keep your business enterprises afloat EXPECT something more than just an “it’s the thought that counts” end-of-year token of appreciation.

Let’s be honest, without these people – as well as your internal team who keeps the wheels of commerce running smoothly – you wouldn’t HAVE a business. So, it only follows that they should be rewarded for their patronage and loyalty. Of course, this should be an ON-GOING initiative for all businesses. Any savvy entrepreneur knows it’s MUCH easier and costs a LOT less, to keep an existing customer or client, than to bring in a new one.

And, it goes without saying, a little internal team member appreciation can save you countless hours trying to hire and train replacements… assuming you can even find them! It takes so little to let your employees or coworkers know they are valued and important assets to the business. Think about how the level of enthusiasm jumps when someone simply brings some tasty treats into the office. Or, when you give away some free movie tickets or have regular “Pizza Fridays” at the office, you can literally feel the excitement and anticipation among the team members. Here’s where you can actually SEE that sometimes “the thought” really DOES count!

So, when you start thinking about the holiday customer and client gifts, don’t forget some swag for your employees, too! Obviously, the first choice among this group of recipients would be cold, hard cash. But, in lieu of having the budget to “make it rain” money around the office, most managers opt for some of the standard “corporate gift” fare.

Well, let us tell you, most folks really don’t want those pens, mugs, keychains, pocket notebooks, pencils, koozies or any of the other “stock” branded gift items! Once upon a time, these company “freebies” had the power to thrill and inspire. But… HONESTLY? We all can only use so many of those items, and most of us who regularly attend trade shows, conventions or work in B2B industries have enough to start our own promotional item business! Now, don’t get us wrong. Free stuff is always cool. But, free “COOL” stuff is even better!

We have become more jaded and it can take a LOT more dollars to bring the same “wow factor” that a retractable ink pen or keychain used to inspire. And the whole point of these corporate gifts IS to inspire that loyalty and a sense they are genuinely appreciated!

So, bottom line, you need to be creative. With a little “out-of-the-gift-box” thinking, and a MODEST budget you can still bring the “wow” for that end-of-year gifting. Of course, you want a gift that is memorable… and keeps your brand name in front of your clientele.

At this point, you’ve got to know where we’re headed: SPARKLERS… but, with a twist! Yes, we DO realize the “sparkle” may be short-lived (even though we are known nationwide as the original home of the 4-MINUTE SPARKLER!), however that does NOT mean your business enterprise can’t linger all year.

With customized cards, “bouquet-style” sparkler arrangements and – here’s the genius touch – a personalized “bucket” or container, your name will become synonymous with that “wow factor!” Inexpensive pots, craft buckets or even your local printer can help you source economical containers for holiday sparkler presentation. And, if you want to compound the “sparkle” for months, you can arrange to have periodic “refills” for their containers shipped throughout the year!

Just let us know your budget, the nature of your client base and we can put together the perfect holiday business gifts. We’re only an email or phone call away, and we specialize in creating custom client experiences!

Plus, we also can provide the perfect containers as a starting point for your creativity, if you’re looking for a one-stop solution. And, every one of these recipients should rightfully be treated as the VIPs they are. Because, even though it IS “the thought” that counts, don’t you want the lifeblood of YOUR business to think happy thoughts, when they think of YOU?!?

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