How Long Should Sparklers Last?

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How Long Should Sparklers Last?

Good Quality Sparklers should last About 4 Minutes


The Truth About Ordinary Sparklers

We have had to answer a lot of questions from those who have used sparklers as well as those who have the intention to. Recurrently, we have been challenged with the question: How long sparklers should last? Based on our careful study and expertise in the field of sparklers for wedding season, we found that a lot of companies say things that are not what’s actually seen. A lot of other Sparkler retailers claim that their 36-inch sparklers burn for 4 minutes. In reality, they only burn for about 3 minutes and 15 seconds.


Good Quality Sparklers should Last 4 Minutes

Through tests and examination, we have found that our sparklers for wedding actually burn for 4 minutes which is the stipulated period of time. Our 36-inch wedding sparklers burn for 4 minutes as clearly stated on the pack, and our 20-inch wedding sparklers burn for a convenient 2 minutes (unlike the 1.5 minutes that are usually seen in other sparklers).

It is disappointing to have to deal with burnt-out sparkles even before you make your exit out of the aisle or before the professional photographer can creatively set his lens to capture the beautiful moment.

With BuySparklers.com, you don’t need to worry about how long wedding sparklers are going to last. Since the assurance is 4 minutes for a 36-inch sparkler, all you have to do is wrap your perfect exit around it. It may still seem like a short amount of time, but those minutes will feel like forever when you’re in the moment with these sparklers – that’s why the extra 45 seconds makes the biggest difference.


Do 4 Minute Sparklers Create a Lot of Smoke?

Like every other sparkler, there is emission of smoke. However, our carefully selected wedding day double-dipped sparklers do not emit excess smoke. Through our thicker metal rod, smoke is reduced when it is burning.

Why Sparklers are Perfect for Your Wedding

It’s your wedding! You shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to have an amazing one-of-a-kind single event. Making it light, bright and shine all through is therefore no longer an option as it is the perfect dance entry and exit tactic. If you have been to one or two weddings where sparkles were used, you know what we are talking about. If not, just imagine how romantically sweet it would be having a perfect dance time or exit while the bridal train glowed with sparklers in hand.

BuySparklers makes for the Perfect Wedding Opportunity

You might also be wondering if it is safe to buy from us in bulk. We are glad to inform you that our safety precautions that prevent damages like exploding and breaking are second to none. What you will notice once you open a box is that each sparkler is packaged in an intricate to prevent banging and consequently, breakage, and others.

While it is not quite convincing to hear only good things before buying wedding sparklers online, we stand by the fact that you can get the best from BuySparklers.com. As retailers in wedding sparklers in California, we sell and deliver anywhere in the United States through our online services. Many times, we have been asked what makes BuySparklers.com different and why the newly wedded decide to choose us.

Every wedding is amazing with BuySparklers.com. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to have the best captures on your memorable day. We can’t wait to make those 4 minutes the greatest time of your life.


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